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Servo-Driven Electric Forming Machine

When it comes to manufacturing assemblies with tight tolerances, finding a consistent and reliable machine can be challenging.  Creating high precision assemblies can be limiting with messy hydraulics or inconsistent air flow with pneumatics. To combat these issues, Orbitform offers a fully servo controlled electric machine.


Air Pressure Challenges

Pneumatic machines typically succumb to challenges with air pressure.  Orbitform’s pneumatic forming machines are rated at 80PSI but can function at a higher or lower pressure.  However, decreasing the air pressure will also decrease the force available for forming.  Spikes and dips in air pressure within a facility limit the precision a machine can hold in the forming process.  This can lead to finished forms that are out of tolerance and/or inconsistent.

Hydraulic challenges

Likewise, there are also many challenges with hydraulics.  Leaky fluid can cause hard to clean messes.  Increased maintenance and overall higher cost of ownership are also lesser attractive qualities of this type of machine.

The Servo Option

Capable of orbital, radial, press, and roller forming, there are many advantages of a servo driven forming machine, including:


In addition, servo driven electric forming machines are capable of being programmed to form at multiple heights quickly and with high precision.  This is a great option when forming multiple assemblies with one machine or forming multiple rivets of varying heights on one assembly. 

Process Monitoring Advantage

In addition to precision forming, servo driven machines also offer process monitoring for precision measurement and fine tuning of assemblies.  When creating a precision joint to fit the functional requirements, a servo driven machine can be programmed to the unique forming specifications.  Tweaking these specs is easily accomplished through a change in programming within the controls.  Orbitform works directly with each customer to supply a controls package that meets their plant specifications.  We then thoroughly train customers on how to easily make changes to the programming.  Gone are the days of being locked out of the controls box and needing an expensive service call to make changes!


Orbitform’s Servo-Driven forming machine provides a great option for fastening, forming and riveting when high precision is needed.  We work directly with each customer on their unique assembly process to help determine the right machine for their manufacturing needs.  Contact us today to find if a Servo-Driven orbital, radial, press or roller form machine may be the solution for your assembly. 


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