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Orbitform’s Assembly Products & Services

Orbitform designs and builds assembly equipment for manufacturing. Since 1984, Orbitform has delivered over 7,000 assembly machines and custom assembly systems to a wide range of customers and industries around the world.

We Build Machines For:

  • Orbital Riveting & Fastening
  • Impact Riveting
  • Roller Forming
  • Hot Upset Forming & Riveting
  • Projection & Resistance Welding
  • Assembly Automation
  • Conveying Systems
  • NEW Flush Self-Piercing Riveting

We Provide Services For:

  • Assembly Analysis
  • Tooling Development
  • Batch Production Runs

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Processes & Services
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Orbital Riveting / Forming

A smooth, non-impact cold forming process used to create permanent joints with a high aesthetic appeal and a range of articulation potential.

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Radial Riveting / Forming

Radial Riveting Head

A process similar to Orbital, using a peen to form from the center outward. Best used with delicate or unsupported rivet applications.

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Impact Riveting

An assembly process using force to fasten two things together permanently using a wide variety of rivet and material options.

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Roller Forming

A non-impact process using spinning rollers to symmetrically form a cylindrical part. Used for flaring, forming a lip, crimping, or forming a groove.

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Hot Upset Forming

A forming process using heat and pressure to form a fastener to produce heavy duty joints able to withstand high forces.

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Process Monitoring

Touch Screen monitor on Orbitform Equipment

We offer optional process monitoring and process control solutions on all of our systems.

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Conveyors Palletized

Use pallets to carry individual parts between forming stations, even allowing assembly operation to be performed directly on the line.

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Conveyors Part on Chain

Parts ride directly on roller or flat-top chain with minimum contact force. Used for high volume production and part buffering.

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Tooling Development

Orbitform Assemble Solutions Lab

All Orbitform tooling is developed in-house. Our engineers can make special recommendations based on your application to deliver ideal tooling for your machines.

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Turnkey Solutions

Multiple Orbitform Systems

We utilize every single one of our areas of expertise to bring our customers the answers to their assembly equipment needs.

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Batch Production Runs

Batch Production Crates

Orbitform has you covered for your small production run needs. Whether you need 5, 50, 500, or 5000 parts, Orbitform can help

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Welding Systems

We offer welding systems in either Projection or Resistance configurations. Each system is designed to suit each application.

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Aug 14
B-310 supports multiple parts with multiple fixtures
When it comes to capital equipment purchases, manufacturers must consider the impact on their bottom line. Return on investment, available funding, engineering concerns and functional design requirements play a huge role. It’s vital that your equipment provides the desired outcome for your application while having a positive impact on your bottom line. A manufacturer in [click here for more]

Aug 08
As the leading experts in forming, fastening, riveting and assembly solutions, Orbitform knows what it takes to ensure your assembly achieves its functional requirement every time.  Bearings are integral components to many assemblies.  When swaging a bearing, precision matters, especially for industries such as automotive and aerospace.  Ensuring these bearings meet pull-out specifications is essential [click here for more]


Jul 31
In manufacturing, it can sometimes be a challenge to keep up with customer demands. Higher volumes, quicker deadlines, and design changes can all throw a wrench in your plans. So, what do you do when a customer asks you to perform an operation you don’t have equipment for? One manufacturer reached out to Orbitform for [click here for more]

Jul 23
Assembly Design Experience Designing an assembly for manufacturing can be a tedious process.  Assembly design, functional requirements, and proper fasteners, all make a design engineer’s job stressful.  Through Orbitform’s years of experience in joint assembly, our experts know what it takes to ensure your assembly meets your specifications. Driving Question One commonly asked question we [click here for more]


Assembly Analysis
Jul 18
Designing and testing assembly prototypes can be challenging. When you think you’ve found the solution, you wind up with more issues to overcome. Quality test after quality test bring both victories and failures. Here at Orbitform, we like to call those failures “lessons learned.” We thrive on helping our customers work through those lessons and [click here for more]

Jul 10
Orbitform is well known for their expertise in forming, fastening, riveting and assembly.  From orbital and radial forming to roller forming, impact riveting and hot upset forming, we offer a variety of solutions.  When partnering with our engineers for your project, we can determine the best custom fit solution for your application to achieve your [click here for more]

Jul 03
Product design can be one of the most challenging tasks for an engineer. From multiple concepts through building prototypes, engineers take many steps to ensure their design meets functional and safety requirements. Once they’ve finalized their design with management’s approval, they now have to determine exactly how they’re going to assemble it. There are many [click here for more]

Jun 26
Manufacturing is a fast-paced industry.  The ability to react to customer demand immediately greatly elevates positioning within the industry and opens the door to great growth.  Recently, a stamping house was approached by their customer to become a full component supplier.  Responding to the challenge required immediate action to develop an assembly solution.     Initially [click here for more]

Jun 19
Rivets can be found in many different products. From components in your vehicle to fire sprinklers in your workplace, permanent assembly processes produce strong joints critical to part success. Orbitform has been supporting manufacturers across multiple industries for more than 30 years. Our assembly experts have seen many unique applications. One of the unique industries [click here for more]

Jun 13
Manufacturing requires consistency and repeatability.  When your assembly process is inconsistent and you experience quality issues, where do you turn? Orbitform is the leading expert in forming fastening and assembly solutions.  We partner with manufacturers to find the best possible assembly process.  Recently, we were approached by a manufacturer on an articulating joint with a [click here for more]

Jun 05
Orbital Riveting has many advantages as a permanent assembly solution. The process results in minimal shank swell, perfect for smooth articulating joints. It can also provide aesthetically pleasing finished forms as the peen tool kneads the material into place. Rivets and fasteners for orbital riveting often cost less than those required for other non-permanent assembly [click here for more]

May 29
Vehicle Safety When backing out of your driveway and speeding down the road on your way to work, you probably don’t give much thought to the effort it takes to run your vehicle.  We have come to expect the highest quality out of our vehicles to provide transportation, while keeping us safe.  Vehicle manufacturers perform [click here for more]

May 23
Orbitform has been working with manufacturers in the HVAC industry for many years. Whether it’s assembling fan blades, vents, louvers, ceiling dampers, or pipe fittings, we understand the needs of HVAC manufacturers. Over the years, we have provided a number of process solutions for HVAC manufacturers. Custom Throat Depth When it comes to heating and [click here for more]

May 15
Heightened Volume Requirements Moving parts from one process to another becomes challenging as the assembly grows.  Palletized conveyors are a great solution for heightened volume requirements. Orbitform is a leading expert in palletized conveyors and has created many options for material handling.  Too Large for Operator Handling Automotive component production requirements often are too large [click here for more]


Automation Conveyors
May 08
Save money with permanent assembly
How do you assemble your part? There are seemingly infinite ways to assemble, fasten, and adhere your part together. How do you decide? It starts with whether or not you need to take your part apart, as some processes result in permanent bonds. At Orbitform, we specialize in permanent part assembly. When your part doesn’t [click here for more]

May 01
Rising off-shore tariffs are changing the American Economy.  Many companies who have previously sent their manufacturing overseas are now pulling these processes back into the states.  Finding viable labor resources to complete these processes continues to be harder and harder.  As companies are challenged with the reshoring of their manufacturing and labor shortage, the demand [click here for more]




Apr 24
Orbital forming vs Hot upset forming
When it comes to assembling your parts, there are many factors that must be considered, including strength of the joint, appearance, hole fill, and more. Furthermore, there are many fastening and forming processes that can be used, each with their own advantages. How do you decide which process is the best fit for your application [click here for more]

Apr 17
It was a cold, blustery day in April.   As the dreary clouds slowly blew overhead, excitement at Orbitform stirred.  The pitter patter of everyday hustle and bustle in the workplace slowed as employees gathered to watch a spectacle.  A great arrival was about to take place and the team all gathered to take witness of [click here for more]

Apr 10
Automotive Parts
Orbitform has worked with many industries, including medical, aerospace, recreational, and more. As a proud Michigan manufacturer, we have been partnering with automotive manufacturers for 30+ years. We have provided assembly solutions for a large variety of automotive applications, including seating components, strikers, and more. Here are a few examples of some of the components [click here for more]

Apr 04
Impact Machine
Impact riveting is well known for fast cycle time and ability to provide maximum shank swell.  In addition to both desirable features, Milford by Orbitform is also incredibly flexible in riveting options.  Recently, when approached by a customer with a high volume application requiring multiple hits, Orbitform went to work to find options to achieve [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Mar 27
Semi-Tubular Rivets
Impact Riveting uses impact force to permanently fasten components together. The quick process helps to minimize cycle time, increase throughput, and lower operating expenses. The most commonly used rivet for impact riveting is a mild steel semi-tubular rivet. The proper rivet geometry is crucial to meet the joint requirements. Orbitform’s Lab Technicians have helped numerous [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Mar 20
Value Added When building large machinery and equipment, organization and hard work are key to ensure a value-added end product. In manufacturing, one of the best ways to stay organized and move projects forward is to invest in a great project management program. Top-Down Support Orbitform has invested copious amounts of time and resources to [click here for more]


Mar 13
Orbitform building
Orbitform began in 1984, manufacturing Orbital and Radial Forming Equipment. During our first ten years, we expanded on our existing processes by adding a multi-forming option with our multi-point heads. We also created our Solutions Lab to help our customers with product design and to determine the best process for their application. Having worked mostly [click here for more]

Mar 06
Forming a flare Orbitally forming a flare is a unique process. As a forming force is applied, material flows to the path of least resistance, lead by the geometry of the peen tool. Finished form is dependent on the design of the surrounding assembly area, as well as the tooling needed for the process. Dimensional [click here for more]

Feb 27
3D Printing
Orbitform strives to be on the cutting edge of continuous improvement. We invest heavily to be the best versions of ourselves, in both our employees and our manufacturing processes. Our latest investment in continuous improvement is our new 3D Printing Cell, along with a Mechanical Engineer dedicated to 3D printing. How it all began In [click here for more]

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