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Orbitform’s Assembly Products & Services

Orbitform designs and builds assembly equipment for manufacturing. Since 1984, Orbitform has delivered over 7,000 assembly machines and custom assembly systems to a wide range of customers and industries around the world.

We Build Machines For:

  • Orbital Riveting & Fastening
  • Impact Riveting
  • Roller Forming
  • Hot Upset Forming & Riveting
  • Projection & Resistance Welding
  • Assembly Automation
  • Conveying Systems
  • NEW Flush Self-Piercing Riveting

We Provide Services For:

  • Assembly Analysis
  • Tooling Development
  • Batch Production Runs

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Processes & Services
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Orbital Riveting / Forming

A smooth, non-impact cold forming process used to create permanent joints with a high aesthetic appeal and a range of articulation potential.

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Radial Riveting / Forming

Radial Riveting Head

A process similar to Orbital, using a peen to form from the center outward. Best used with delicate or unsupported rivet applications.

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Impact Riveting

An assembly process using force to fasten two things together permanently using a wide variety of rivet and material options.

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Roller Forming

A non-impact process using spinning rollers to symmetrically form a cylindrical part. Used for flaring, forming a lip, crimping, or forming a groove.

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Hot Upset Forming

A forming process using heat and pressure to form a fastener to produce heavy duty joints able to withstand high forces.

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Process Monitoring

Touch Screen monitor on Orbitform Equipment

We offer optional process monitoring and process control solutions on all of our systems.

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Conveyors Palletized

Use pallets to carry individual parts between forming stations, even allowing assembly operation to be performed directly on the line.

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Conveyors Part on Chain

Parts ride directly on roller or flat-top chain with minimum contact force. Used for high volume production and part buffering.

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Tooling Development

Orbitform Assemble Solutions Lab

All Orbitform tooling is developed in-house. Our engineers can make special recommendations based on your application to deliver ideal tooling for your machines.

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Turnkey Solutions

Multiple Orbitform Systems

We utilize every single one of our areas of expertise to bring our customers the answers to their assembly equipment needs.

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Batch Production Runs

Batch Production Crates

Orbitform has you covered for your small production run needs. Whether you need 5, 50, 500, or 5000 parts, Orbitform can help

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Welding Systems

We offer welding systems in either Projection or Resistance configurations. Each system is designed to suit each application.

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Mar 13
Orbitform building
Orbitform began in 1984, manufacturing Orbital and Radial Forming Equipment. During our first ten years, we expanded on our existing processes by adding a multi-forming option with our multi-point heads. We also created our Solutions Lab to help our customers with product design and to determine the best process for their application. Having worked mostly [click here for more]

Mar 06
Forming a flare Orbitally forming a flare is a unique process. As a forming force is applied, material flows to the path of least resistance, lead by the geometry of the peen tool. Finished form is dependent on the design of the surrounding assembly area, as well as the tooling needed for the process. Dimensional [click here for more]

Feb 27
3D Printing
Orbitform strives to be on the cutting edge of continuous improvement. We invest heavily to be the best versions of ourselves, in both our employees and our manufacturing processes. Our latest investment in continuous improvement is our new 3D Printing Cell, along with a Mechanical Engineer dedicated to 3D printing. How it all began In [click here for more]

Feb 20
What’s the difference? We hear it all the time – what is the difference between orbital and radial riveting. It’s an important subject to discuss when designing a new assembly and looking for the right fastening or forming process. To help you better understand each process and find the right solution, we have put together [click here for more]

Feb 13
Milford Bench Top Impact Riveter
Manufacturers in the medical industry face extreme pressures to produce robust parts at high volumes. It is crucial that their products have secure joints that withstand wear and tear, but they also need to be produced quickly and in a cost-effective manner. It’s not enough to produce a good product if you aren’t seeing an [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Feb 06
Designing Prototypes Consumers are always looking for the newest and greatest versions of products. To meet the demand, design engineers are challenged with continuing to provide newer, greater, safer and more technical products. When it comes to designing, proving out a prototype, and manufacturing a product, how do you determine whether your assembly will meet [click here for more]

Jan 30
Roller Formed Edge
When you need to assemble round, thin-walled, tubular, metal parts, there are some unique challenges to overcome. Typical assembly processes like crimping can result in cracking, an inconsistent form, or part failure. Orbitform’s Roller Forming process is a solution to the challenges possible with these parts. What is Roller Forming? Roller Forming is a non-impact [click here for more]


Roller Forming
Jan 25
impact riveting equipment
Two years ago, Orbitform acquired Aaron’s Machinery Corporation out of Chicago, Illinois. Aaron’s Machinery had been in the riveting machine rebuild business for 36 years. We continue to welcome their previous customers into the Orbitform family. If you worked with Aaron’s Machinery Corporation in the past, we are here to support you. We offer both [click here for more]

Jan 23
High Workload, Limited Workforce Limited resources… It’s a problem many manufacturers are currently facing – plenty of work, purchase orders, and customers to work with, but not enough qualified employees to complete the workload. When the workload continues to grow, but the workforce is sparse, how do you manufacture assemblies that impress your customers? Multiple [click here for more]


Jan 21
wardcraft orbitform conveyor
JACKSON, MICHIGAN – JANUARY 1, 2019 Orbitform announced today that an investor group led by Orbitform, a manufacturer of product assembly systems, has acquired conveyor and quick die change equipment manufacturer Wardcraft of Spring Arbor, Michigan. The investor group purchasing Wardcraft includes Orbitform and several individual investors. Wardcraft designs and manufactures conveyors and quick die [click here for more]

Jan 18
Orbitform partners with ASK to protect data against cyberattacks. Orbitform Group (Orbitform), a leader in Michigan manufacturing design and assembly, is proactively working to protect its organization and increase its cybersecurity posture with Live Security Monitoring through Application Specialist Kompany (ASK), an IT managed services and cybersecurity company. Through Live Security Monitoring, ASK monitors and [click here for more]

Jan 10
orbital forming sequence
Landing Gear Safety In the Aerospace industry, safety is key in ensuring landing gear functions properly. Orbitform has worked with landing gear experts to permanently form, fasten or rivet components to ensure safety while maintaining proper function of the assembly. Service and Support Recently, an Aerospace customer contacted us with a need for flexibility in [click here for more]

Jan 03
extended stroke powerhead
The concept of the long stroke powerhead was born out of a necessity to solve a customer’s assembly challenge for an automotive side mirror. The interior tube sat so deep within the part that the stroke capacity of our existing powerheads was insufficient. As Orbitform engineers examined the application to find a solution, we envisioned [click here for more]


Dec 19
Solenoid Assembly Process Change As a solenoid valve manufacturer, customers rely on you to supply fast, safe switching with a long service life. Manufacturers face increasing pressure to decrease size while increasing longevity and function. Transmissions are being re-engineered smaller with more complicated designs; forcing solenoid valve designs to fit in tight spots. This limited [click here for more]


Roller Forming
Dec 11
testing powerheads
Buying online from a remote location has its challenges. You assume you are getting a good functional product, trusting the manufacturer has done diligence in quality inspection prior to shipping. You receive the product, attempt to use it, and realize there is an issue, the unexpected distraction that negatively impacts production, throughput, and potentially a [click here for more]

Dec 05
You’ve decided on impact riveting as the best process for your application. With a fast cycle time and simple operation, you have the advantage over your competitors. Now you need to determine how to feed the rivets for installation. What are your options? Standard Rotary Hopper Most of Orbitform’s Impact Riveters come standard with a [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Nov 19
We strive every day to find stability and control in our lives. Why not choose the same path with your manufacturing and assembly processes? At Orbitform, we provide solutions that monitor your machine process to help you find that process stability. We search for ways to improve quality and reduce your scrap by integrating our [click here for more]

Nov 07
Solutions Solved Orbitform has applied our core forming, joining, and assembly processes over the past 34 years, to 1000’s of applications, solving customers’ assembly challenges…..retaining a bearing, riveting the blade on a snow shovel, forming the tabs on a blower assembly, roller forming a tube end for airbag assemblies, and hot upset riveting automotive door [click here for more]

Nov 01
A spare parts and tooling strategy is like a life insurance policy: you should have one, but you don’t realize the importance of it until you need it. Think of this strategy as risk mitigation for managing and limiting the potential for catastrophic failures. Some companies view investing in spare parts and tooling as a [click here for more]

Oct 29
Orbitform’s 2018 Open House was a huge success! We hosted many customers from 8:30am – 4:30pm. The spotlight of our event showcased our Assembly Trade Show Booth, which we are exhibiting October 23rd – 25th at the Donald A. Stephens Center in Rosemont, IL. Our Open House was established to support those customers who are [click here for more]

Oct 19
orbital forming
It’s a tragedy nobody expects will happen to them – a fire. There’s only a small window of opportunity to put it out before everything is lost. Industrial sprinkler systems are key to fire & safety protection in building structures. However, when sprinkler heads malfunction, the system only puts out a part of the fire, [click here for more]


Orbital Forming
Oct 11
Our Culture We, at Orbitform, pride ourselves on establishing a respectful, safe, and enjoyable work place environment. Team members support each other daily, the execution tasks toward completion of assembly projects from cradle to grave. Greeted by smiling faces and hospitality, we invite you to experience the “Orbitform Way”. Assembly Solutions Our sales team engages [click here for more]

Oct 03
Last week we shared the challenge we presented to a team of southcentral Michigan teens (What are the strategies and tactics for filling the pipeline of valid hiring candidates?). Their solution for filling the pipeline for Orbitform and other manufacturing companies is impressive and noteworthy. GET THE WORD OUT The students urged Orbitform to advertise [click here for more]

Sep 26
With the current trend in the manufacturing industry and the upswing of the economy, manufacturers are struggling to find people to fill jobs and satisfy production requirements. Orbitform is no exception to this trend. Skilled trades workers are hard to find. Upon considering this challenge, Orbitform turned to a local competition for high school students [click here for more]

Sep 12
Growing With Purpose Milford Fastening Company began in 1940 as Milford Rivet & Machine Company and was recognized across the industry for building quality riveting machines, many of which are still in operation today. When Orbitform identified Milford as an acquisition target, company leaders saw an opportunity to gain a brand with significant marketplace recognition [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
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