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Specialty Press

Press riveting is a permanent assembly process that applies a downward force to form/displace material. The head package can be pneumatic, mechanical, hydraulic, servo, or hydro-pneumatic driven. This process is used often when the functional requirement of the joint demands maximum hole fill or workpiece to part surface contact.

What is Press Forming?

The press head applies downward force to form/displace the material, permanently securing the parts together. This process maximizes hole fill within the joint. Press Forming: Special driver and anvil tooling are used to form the material to a specified finished form geometry. Force and distance monitoring can be used to validate success of the process.

Speciality Press: Bushing Flare and Flatten

A bushing is placed into a hole and is flared at a 45-degree angle then flattened to achieve a 90-degree angle bend to maximize surface contact.