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Radial Forming

What is Radial Forming?

The radial forming and riveting process is similar to the orbital riveting and forming process. With radial, the material is displaced from the center outward in a rosette or floret pattern. The radial riveting process is often the optimal assembly solution when working with small rivet shank diameters, delicate rivet materials, or unsupported rivet assembly applications.

Radial Forming

Radial forming is a cold forming process using a peen tool held at a fixed angle. The peen creates a sweeping line of pressure around the part in a floret pattern which progressively forms the material with each rotation.

Radial Riveting

Radial riveting is a cold forming process that uses a peen tool on a rotating spindle. The peen tool is fixed on a 3 or 5 degree angle, moving in a floret pattern on the workpiece and gradually kneading the material into the desired form.

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