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Solutions Lab

Solutions Lab

It starts with your part. Our Applications Technicians know the best way to optimize your assembly process. We build in value by defining, verifying, and optimizing the right manufacturing process to achieve your functional, quality, and aesthetic requirements.

Process Identification

The best way to optimize an assembly process is by assembling sample parts. Our highly knowledgeable team of lab technicians will examine your options and consult on the best process to assemble your part. Then a lab technician will test the process.

Process identification provides Product Engineers invaluable feedback, suggestions for part features, and a more efficient and cost-effective machine or tooling concept to assemble your part.


Orbitform's Applications Lab has been providing customers with product and process development assistance for over 30 years. Paid services include part runs, products that require labor, tooling and development.

Prototyping can be done for the following processes:

  • Orbital forming
  • Impact riveting
  • Hot Upset forming
  • Static roller head forming applications
  • Articulating roller head applications
  • Press or insert applications

Small Batch Production Runs

Our Lab can be your cost-effective solution for small batch production runs.

Orbitform Application Engineers fabricate the proper tooling and correctly fixture parts for a consistent and repeatable form.

Customers are welcome to visit our Lab to learn how our process supports small batch production runs.

Tooling Development

If your tooling isn't made right, your part isn't made right.

We develop orbital, radial, and impact tooling for Orbitform and competitor equipment. All of our standard tooling is made in-house, factory-direct, so we control the delivery and quality.

Each peen, driver, anvil, and roll-set is as unique as your application, and proper design and testing are critical. All peens are polished to 6 microns to reduce galling and produce a lustrous head form.

Our Application Engineers can recommend special coatings, to reduce wear and extend tooling life.

Orbitform stands behind our tooling and provides all customers access to assembly diagnostic and troubleshooting support.