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Assembly Automation

Orbitform's Automation

Orbitform delivers your desired custom assembly outcome based on your individual needs.

Sophisticated design, manufacturing, and building of your complete assembly solution happen all under one roof. Keeping the production of your machine in one location allows for exceptional project management from start to finish. Our knowledgeable controls engineers have experience integrating auto part feeding, part presence, part testing, and so much more.

Total Customization

Orbitform is dedicated to partnering with customers to design and build custom automation solutions. The custom automation equipment is developed based on the production and functional requirements of the assembly.

Robotic Integration

Orbitform's advanced manufacturing offering includes the system integration of third-party industrial robotics into the fastening, forming or assembly system. Custom automation and robotic solutions can improve the production and part handling requirements of the assembly.

Lean Cell

By combining multiple operations in a single cellular work cell, assembly manufacturers can increase part flow, control efficiency, balance machine operation time, and operator or part handling mechanism time.

Rotary Dial

A rotary dial in manufacturing combines multiple operations into one system on an indexing table to minimize cycle time and increase throughput.

X-Y Machine

An X-Y Machine uses a servo motor and controls engineering to position a table with fixturing to form multiple locations of a workpiece.

Servo Positioning Slide

Servo positioning slides can be programmed to automatically move to multiple positions on a linear, single plane.


Orbitform follows your precise specifications, design, and standards to satisfy your performance requirements. Based on your design, we will follow your guidance and offer suggested improvements where feasible, to better align the final product with the desired outcome."