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Process Intelligence

Orbitform machines have optional part serialization, data logging, process monitoring, servo-driven control, and vision software. We provide your necessary required outcome of enhanced quality, operational efficiencies, and proof documentation to strengthen the security of your business.

Process Monitoring

Process monitoring is a flexible machine control process that's designed to log real-time process feature feedback (ex: force & distance) and to identify the position within the min/max parameter limits.

Serialization Integration

With serialization integration, you can track parts through manufacturing and out into the field. Part tracking includes part marking/identification, part mark/tag reading, process monitoring and data logging.

Data Logging

Logging process data externally enables control, quality assurance, visual charts, traceability, or other reference.

Servo Driven Control

Servo-driven control is a specialized motor used to create a linear motion, thus giving 100% control over the forming process.

Pivot Joint Testing Equipment

Orbitform understands that some parts need more that a visual check. When torque is your functional requirement - Pivot Joint Testing Equipment is the solution to overcome your part variability.

Vision Integration

With vision integration, a camera is attached to a machine to visually monitor various aspects of the part configuration and forming process such as part orientation, part presence, forming results and more.