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Standard Products

Orbital Heads


The standard orbital head attachment. Generally with a 6" forming angle, the HS Series requires less downforce, inducing minimal shank and rivet shoulder swell. This allows for parts like permanently formed articulating hinges.

Long Reach

The HL Series has a longer reach forming peen, making it easier to form the rivet. It is normally available with a 4º forming angle, with some ranging from 3° to 6°, requiring more downforce than the HS Series. With the extra downforce, shank swell is a possibility, making formed rivets locked in place and more resistant to joint fatigue.

Gold Series

Gold Series heads are heavy duty and provide a greater thrust capacity in a small package. Upgraded sealed bearing configurations give it increased capacity compared to the standard orbital heads. Orbitform Gold Series heads are excellent for forming harder materials, and will not wear out from extended use.


For multi-fuorming options, a multi-point operates with multiple peens on a single head. Center distances vary based on customers' specific applications. Ideal for close center distances, less than or equal to 4".


Another multi-forming options, the multi-spindle, has multiple orbital heads attached to various spindles. Center distances and the number of heads vary based on specific customer applications. Ideal for center distances 2" and greater.


Through proper care and maintenance, it is possible to keep your orbital heads running as smoothly as the day you bought it. With our orbital heads, you know the performance will stay optimal for years to come. Visit Service


There are a wide variety of standard peens that are used with orbital heads, each with a different purpose. Some ensure a certain aesthetic appearance while others are capable of flaring or crimping. Contact our engineers to get expert advice on choosing the right peen. Visit Spare Parts and Tooling