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Pivot Joint Testing Equipment

What is Pivot Joint Testing?

A precise, repeatable process designed to produce a test sequence that appropriately provides accurate pivot joint function data. This process can be offered a dedicated torque checking station or used in-process with one of our permanent forming processes.

In-Process Torque-Check

This innovative system combines a servo-driven orbital powerhead with process monitoring, a servo-driven wedge for assembly movement, and a rotary servo for in-process torque checks. The result is a robust process that delivers consistent assemblies, eliminating the high scrap rates experienced previously.

Dedicated Test Station

Utilizing the technology of the in-process torque-check, we also offer a stand-alone testing station designed to test the function of the joint to pivot at a certain torque or withstand a certain torque.

Advantages of the Process

Partnering with Orbitform on your assembly process provides a range of positive outcomes. Our expertise in fastening, forming, and assembly processes ensures the right solution for your functional requirements every time. Orbitform is the only orbital riveting company capable of providing in-process torque checks, offering you a repeatable, robust process for consistent assemblies.

Download our white paper to delve deeper into the intricate details of our Pivot Joint Testing Equipment and the processes involved.

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