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Putting Customers First

Choosing capital equipment for your assembly application can be a difficult process. From knowing the right assembly process for your part requirements to finding a supplier that you can trust, the process can seem daunting. How do you know you are buying the right assembly equipment to fit your unique needs versus an off-the-shelf product from someone trying to “make the sale”?

A Trusted Advisor

When manufacturers engage with Orbitform, we strive to be a partner first. Our Assembly Experts take the time to review your assembly application thoroughly, including part prints, annual volume, joint function, aesthetics, and more, to ensure we understand your needs. With seven different forming processes, manufacturers are not tied to one product line when partnering with us. We can assemble samples in our Solutions Lab across our processes to determine force requirements and cycle time, as well as provide samples to manufacturers for evaluation and testing. We combine the results from our lab work with 30+ years of industry experience to make the best equipment recommendation, even if it isn’t our equipment.

Continuous improvement

At Orbitform, continuous improvement is one of our core values. We invest heavily to be the best version of ourselves, from the products we manufacture to the skills our team members have. Each day, we focus on how we can be better than we were yesterday. Recommendations from our internal team, along with any feedback from our customers, guide continuous improvement initiatives in every department at Orbitform. Even our competition pushes us to be better. Whenever we come up against our competitors, we keep our focus on the customer and their needs to ensure we are offering the best solution to deliver the highest value outcome. When customers do not choose Orbitform, this also becomes a lens for how we can improve. With each day that passes, each piece of equipment we sell, and each conversation we have, we continue to delivery ever-improving results and security to ourselves and our customers.

When buying capital equipment, the focus should be on the manufacturer and their specific application. From our sales team and project managers to our builders and machinists, every Orbitform team member keeps the customer at the forefront of all that we do. Our focus is to provide the right equipment for your needs every time - no more, no less. As we improve, so do our equipment solutions for manufacturers around the world. Partner with Orbitform on your next assembly application to find the right process for you.


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