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The Prototyping Phase Doesn't Need to be Difficult...

Proving a Concept

When it comes to developing a new product, prototyping is critical in establishing that a concept performs as designed. Where two or more components are assembled, understanding the functional requirement of the joint is essential. Whether it be torque, shear load, or articulation, a product must be tested before going into production.

Review of Product Design

Recently, a customer reached out to Orbitform in the early design stages of their hand tool project. Our highly experienced team of engineers partnered with the customer to review their product design and make recommendations. The customer then developed prototype pieces based on the proposals to prepare for proof of concept testing.  

A Critical Joint

Based on the function of the product, the joint was critical to the success of this product. A specific torque was required to allow for the tool to open freely while holding components together without any gaps. Additionally, the rivet needed to be flush with the surrounding area for aesthetic purposes. To save on machining cost for the initial prototype development, the customer developed coupons with the same material and stack up height as the targeted finished product.

Forming Coupon Assemblies

The customer visited Orbitform to work directly with our Solutions Lab Technicians to form the sample rivet and coupon assemblies. By assembling components, then observing and recording the results, both teams worked together to create a joint within the desired torque requirements. 

Once complete, the customer returned to their facility to thoroughly test the joint.  

Torque Confirmed

Upon further testing, it was confirmed that the desired torque of the joint had been successfully achieved. Next, the customer manufactured components with the full tool design. These components were assembled in Orbitform’s Solutions Lab using the same recorded forming specifications to ensure consistent torque and aesthetics. Because the joint had already been proven, the customer was free to test the tool’s remaining features. Once final testing was complete, Orbitform worked with the customer to develop their customized production-intent assembly equipment.

We’re Here For You

Orbitform experts deliver the right fastening, forming, and assembly processes, beginning with design, through prototyping, and into full production. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers will partner with your team to help accomplish your assembly’s functional requirements. 

Contact us today to learn how we can support you in your prototyping efforts.


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