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The Orbitform Advantage - Customer Testimony

Everyday business at Orbitform includes helping manufacturers find a solution for their assembly challenges.  Our Engineering experts know what it takes to find the best forming, fastening or assembly solution to achieve your functional requirements.  For us, success starts with your part. 

When approached by a customer for a new project, we first evaluate the requirements of the assembly.  By fully understanding volumes, functional requirements, and material, we can then begin to make recommendations on fastening methods.  Next, we work to form parts based on the recommendations in our Solutions Lab to ensure the forming or fastening method meets functional requirements.  Once the prototype is tested and proven, we then work to develop a machine or assembly system that best fits your needs.  The final success is in delivering an assembly and machine that fully fit your requirements.

A great example of this process came when Orbitform worked with a Design Engineer on a medical device project.  The design called for two rivets to be formed, both of different sizes and requiring different torque specs.  Orbitform’s engineers reviewed the design and recommended orbital forming, along with the machines required for each joint. From there, we turned to our Solutions Lab, where we formed several prototypes for the customer to test for functional requirements. 

Upon testing the initial prototypes, it was found that one joint was successful in maintaining the required torque, but the second joint failed.  Orbitform’s engineers reviewed the project and made design recommendations to achieve the specs, as well as suggestions on fixturing to ensure a solid joint.  When forming parts with the new design changes, it was found that both joints provided the required torque. 

Next, it was time to develop a robust assembly system that could re-create the forming requirements.  Orbitform’s engineers collaborated with the customer’s engineers on the exact equipment needed, including the advanced fixturing required.  In the end, we worked together to develop and deliver a plug and play system that was fully functioning within two days of delivery. 

“I would like to thank you, Todd, and the rest of your team for the hard work you did to help us develop our parts and build our machine.  We switched part geometry and you did a second development for us.  Our engineering teams collaborated on the fixtures.  Despite the iterations you all did a great job to hold as closely as possible to the original timeline.  You were all very responsive to our questions any time we needed information.  Everyone I encountered on multiple visits to your facility were friendly and helpful.

We plugged the machine in and put some air to it and ran a good part right out of the box on Tuesday.  Our customers were in yesterday [Thursday].  I was able to change the machine over with them standing right behind me and run both parts for them… They left very satisfied with the Orbitform process.” – Chris Kahnert, Helix Linear Technologies.

Orbitform’s Engineers thoroughly review every application to ensure a high quality joint and robust forming equipment to manufacture a consistent joint.  We stand ready to support you with your next assembly project.  Contact us today to collaborate with our engineers and find the best forming or fastening solution for your project.


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