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Investing in the Future of Manufacturing: Orbitform's Commitment to FAME

At Orbitform, our passion for manufacturing extends beyond our assembly solutions. We're dedicated to investing in the manufacturing community and nurturing the next generation of industry leaders. From internships to educational programs, we've been actively involved in shaping the future of manufacturing. Our latest endeavor is partnering with the Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) program.

About the FAME Program

The FAME program is more than just an apprenticeship; it's a pathway to success for aspiring manufacturing professionals. Through a unique blend of classroom instruction and hands-on experience, students in the FAME program earn competitive wages while mastering the skills needed for a career in advanced manufacturing. With a focus on safety, leadership, and technical proficiency, FAME equips students with the tools they need to thrive in the modern manufacturing industry.

There are many potential benefits for students. They can earn money while they learn, providing the pathway to a debt-free education. There is also the possibility of earning multiple certifications and degrees, including an Advanced Manufacturing Technician Certificate, Associate Degree, and Journeyman Card. Students also receive invaluable real-world experience working with today’s manufacturers.

Manufacturers also reap the rewards of participating in the FAME program. By serving as mentors and providing on-the-job training, they help shape the next generation of manufacturing talent while ensuring a pipeline of skilled workers for our industry.

Orbitform's Involvement

Our decision to get involved with FAME was driven by a recognition of the challenges facing the manufacturing industry when it comes to finding labor. As skilled workers retire, the need for new talent becomes increasingly urgent. At Orbitform, we've felt this firsthand, particularly in roles like service technicians where turnover rates can be high.

That's why we've been proactive in our support of the FAME program. We helped launch the MI FAME - Mitten Chapter, the first Chapter in Michigan, in partnership with Toyota, Lomar Machine and Tool, and other key stakeholders. Through our involvement, we helped to secure Washtenaw Community College as the educational partner to lay the groundwork for the program. We also took on the task of recruiting employers and the first cohort of students, ensuring the program's success. Our President, Jake Sponsler, played a pivotal role in getting the program off the ground, and our Equipment Support Team Manager, Mark Adler, continues to be actively involved as Vice President of the chapter. Mark continues to work to recruit both employers and students.

Drew Denton, our current FAME student, highlights the immediate applicability of classroom learning in the program, emphasizing its role in solidifying skills and preventing knowledge loss. This hands-on approach has been transformative for him, instilling confidence and competence in his abilities. In just seven months, Drew has not only expanded his manufacturing knowledge but has also gained the confidence to tackle tasks outside of the classroom, including at-home repairs, a feat he wouldn't have attempted previously. The integration of classroom learning with real-world applications, such as reading blueprints and panel wiring, has been particularly beneficial, allowing him to directly contribute to our operations at Orbitform. Drew also emphasizes the supportive environment fostered by the program, where regular check-ins ensure his success. This is a testament to the co-op nature of FAME and its commitment to student development.

As part of our commitment, we have pledged to host one student from the FAME program every year. This ensures that we not only contribute to the development of future manufacturing professionals but also benefit from the fresh perspective and skills that these students bring to our organization. By investing in the next generation of talent, we're not just securing our future but strengthening the entire manufacturing industry.

At Orbitform, we believe in the power of investing in our youth and the future of manufacturing. Programs like FAME benefit manufacturers directly by providing a pipeline of skilled talent and strengthening the manufacturing industry. We encourage other companies to join us in supporting initiatives like FAME and to explore the opportunities they offer for both employers and students.

For more information about the FAME Program and how to get involved, visit https://fame-usa.com.


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