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Introducing Orbitform's Equipment Support Team

How much does it cost when malfunctioning assembly equipment affects production quality? How about when equipment breaks down and stops production altogether?

At Orbitform, we understand that equipment malfunctions can significantly impact production quality and efficiency and that the cost of production downtime can be substantial. Recognizing the critical need for reliable equipment support, we have created the Equipment Support Team, combining our Spare Parts and Tooling Department with our Service Department. Fully staffed with an Equipment Support Manager, two Service Technicians, and two Spare Parts and Tooling Engineers, the Equipment Support Team is ready to support manufacturers with their assembly equipment to help ensure quality and longevity.

How We Support Manufacturers Utilizing Assembly Equipment

Immediate Support After Equipment Purchase

Recommended Spare Parts & Tooling Lists

Our Spare Parts and Tooling Engineers compile a comprehensive list of recommended spare parts and tooling for every machine we provide, including perishable tooling and high-wear items. Ordering these items before malfunctions enables manufacturers to keep equipment running efficiently and greatly minimizes potential downtime waiting for replacement parts to ship.

Training & Education

Understanding how to operate and perform maintenance on assembly equipment is critical to extending its life. Our Equipment Support Team can provide in-depth training to operators and maintenance teams on-site or during machine run-off at Orbitform. Training includes preventative maintenance techniques, tooling changeovers, machine adjustments, and troubleshooting.

Installation Support

While our standard equipment is easy to install, some systems with high-level automation or controls may require a more specialized setup. Our Service Technicians can provide on-site installation support, ensuring a smooth start and addressing operator or maintenance questions.

Custom Tooling

Tailoring equipment tooling based on rivet size, material, and finished form specifications ensures optimal performance. Our Spare Parts and Tooling Engineers can design custom tooling as required to meet application specific requirements.

Long-Term Equipment Support

Preventative Maintenance Schedules and Contracts

Maximizing equipment life and minimizing downtime are achieved through routine maintenance. Our Equipment Support Team provides manufacturers with recommended maintenance schedules. If manufacturers are affected by limited time or labor resources, we also offer custom contracts for our Service Technicians to perform on-site preventative maintenance.

Service Calls

Quick reaction to equipment failures is crucial to minimize production loss. With two full-time Service Technicians, we respond promptly to warranty and non-warranty issues.

Tooling Improvements

Evaluating equipment that fails to produce the desired results can identify necessary repairs or improvements. If the tooling is causing issues, we can make engineered improvements, including changing materials, using special coatings, or making design modifications.

One-Year Warranty on New and FRM Equipment

We stand by our equipment, offering a one-year warranty on new and Factory Remanufactured Equipment.

Extending Equipment Longevity

Equipment Inspections and Rebuilds

For equipment no longer in use, our Equipment Team conducts thorough inspections to determine necessary repairs or rebuilds. We then bring the equipment back to working condition.

Retooling Existing Equipment

When manufacturers experience changes in production or begin working on a new assembly application, retooling existing equipment can provide the highest return on investment. Our Equipment Support Team will assess existing equipment for retooling to ensure compatibility with new assembly applications and identify the required tooling.

Supporting Non-Orbitform Equipment

Reverse Engineering Tooling

Our Spare Parts and Tooling Engineers can reverse engineer tooling for non-Orbitform equipment, providing comprehensive support beyond our brand.

Servicing Any Brand of Equipment

While our expertise lies with the equipment we manufacture, our 40+ years of experience have provided us with the industry knowledge to provide inspection, evaluation, and consultation on non-Orbitform assembly equipment.

Dedicated to Supporting Manufacturers

Orbitform's dedication to supporting manufacturers using assembly equipment extends beyond the initial purchase. The creation of our Equipment Support Team further supports manufacturers, helping to improve the quality and longevity of their assembly equipment. To experience this support, contact our Equipment Support Team for your maintenance, spare parts, and tooling needs.


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