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Servicing Any Brand of Impact Riveter

When assembly equipment breaks down, it can immediately impact your bottom line. Stopped production can mean missing part requirement deadlines, longer lead times, and unplanned labor. If the equipment requires repair that is beyond the scope of your maintenance team, waiting for service from the equipment manufacturer can add more delays to an already stressful situation. Finding an equipment manufacturer that can service your equipment promptly is crucial to minimizing downtime and its effects on your production.

Orbitform’s Dedicated Service Team

Orbitform understands how valuable a responsive service team is to our customers. We have a fully dedicated service manager and service technician ready to support manufacturers with their Orbitform equipment via phone, video, or on-site.

Supporting Non-Orbitform Equipment

When our team repeatedly heard that our customers were experiencing support challenges with non-Orbitform equipment manufacturers, we investigated how we could support them. With over 35 years of experience and a high level of assembly equipment knowledge, we began providing inspection, evaluation, and consultation on non-Orbitform assembly equipment. We have been able to be on-site quickly to assess their equipment and make repair recommendations. In some cases, we have been able to get the equipment back up and running during our visit if the repair didn’t require manufacturer-specific parts. We understand how impactful downtime can be, and even when it isn’t our equipment, we want to get our customers back up and running as soon as possible.

Case Study: Servicing a Non-Orbitform Impact Riveter

On a Friday morning, a storage manufacturer in Michigan reached out to our Service Manager because their impact riveter was not turning over mechanically. It was not a piece of Orbitform equipment, but they were not getting any support from the original equipment manufacturer. They called us, hoping that, with our industry-leading knowledge of impact riveting and assembly, we could help them with their riveter.

After getting a purchase order in place, our Service Technician was able to visit first thing the following Monday to evaluate the equipment. He flipped wires to allow the flywheel to spin in the correct direction and adjusted the alignment of the crankshaft and tooling. The equipment was returned to working order in a few hours, and our service technician evaluated their other impact riveting equipment before leaving the facility.

When equipment breaks down, we understand how important it is to fix the equipment as soon as possible. The security of our customers is part of Orbitform’s purpose, including keeping their assembly equipment running. Regardless of who made the equipment, our Service team stands ready to support manufacturers using assembly equipment. Contact our Service team today to discuss your equipment maintenance needs.