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Integrating Pneumatic Riveting Heads

Impact riveting offers manufacturers the advantage of a quick cycle time, with most impact riveting machines having a machine cycle time of less that one second. Manufacturers can further leverage this quick cycle time to meet volume requirements by installing multiple rivets simultaneously. One way to accomplish this is to integrate multiple riveting heads into a work cell.

Our Model 56, 57, and 58 Impact Riveting heads are pneumatically driven and engineered for integration. The wedge shape product design helps to save space and allows for groupings of two or more heads on a common base. When integrating pneumatic impact riveting heads into a work cell like this, there are a few options that Orbitform recommends to get the most benefits from the equipment.

Integrating riveting heads into a work cell to install multiple rivets at once is one way to reduce overall cycle time and increase throughput volumes. Knowing the right options to include in each cell helps minimize potential problems and maximize the value the equipment adds to production. Orbitform’s assembly experts take the time to understand all aspects of an application to recommend the best machine options to meet the goals. Contact us to discuss your next assembly work cell and how to get the most value from your equipment.