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5 Ways to Leverage our Spare Parts and Tooling Team

When manufacturers purchase capital equipment, they want to know they will be supported once they take ownership. This support needs to include both proactive strategies that keep operations running smoothly and reactive strategies to get manufacturers back to producing parts quickly. Orbitform partners with manufacturers to ensure their equipment will keep running for years to come.

One way we support manufacturers is with Orbitform's in-house Spare Parts and Tooling (SP&T) department. With two full-time Spare Parts and Tooling Specialists, along with our on-site engineering department and machine shop, we are able to provide both proactive and reactive support for permanent assembly equipment.

Here are 6 ways to leverage our Spare Parts and Tooling Team:

  1. Recommended Spare Parts and Tooling – For every piece of assembly equipment Orbitform provides, our SP&T team creates a recommended spare parts and tooling list. This includes perishable tooling and high wear items recommended to have on hand to keep equipment running. By ordering these items ahead of time, manufacturers can keep their machines operating in top condition without waiting for the parts to ship.
  1. Custom Tooling - Tooling is selected for each piece of equipment based on rivet size, material, and finished form specifications. Depending on this information, the tooling may be considered standard, while other times, a custom solution is required. Our SP&T specialists can evaluate the application requirements to design custom tooling to ensure the equipment provides the desired results.
  1. Tooling Improvements – If assembly equipment isn’t producing the desired end-product, the equipment must be fully evaluated for potential causes. If it’s found that the current tooling is causing problems, we can evaluate the issue and make engineered improvements. Solutions can include changing the tooling material, using a special coating, or making design changes.
  1. Retooling Existing Equipment – When manufacturers experience changes in production or begin working on a new assembly application, retooling existing equipment can provide the highest return-on-investment. Our SP&T team can look at the current tooling and compare it to the new rivet to determine a) if the equipment can install the new rivet and b) what new tooling may be required. For our impact riveters, this could be new jaws, drivers, and rollsets to set the new rivet, or a quick-change raceway to feed the new rivet. For orbital riveting equipment, this could be a new orbital head and/or peen tool, designed with the help of our Solutions Lab.
  1. Reverse Engineering – When it comes to supporting manufacturers that are using assembly equipment, it doesn’t stop with the Orbitform brand. We have also provided tooling for non-Orbitform equipment when manufacturers are not satisfied with the support they’re getting. Our SP&T team can reverse engineer tooling for any brand of impact riveting or orbital/radial forming equipment.

Reliable support is a critical factor when choosing who to partner with for assembly equipment. From providing proactive SP&T strategies to quick response times, Orbitform stands by our equipment and customers long after installation. Contact us today to discuss your spare parts and tooling needs for your assembly equipment.


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