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Recommended Spare Parts & Tooling for your Assembly Equipment

When it comes to meeting production schedules and avoiding assembly equipment downtime, one of the best practices is to keep necessary spare parts and tooling on hand. During normal use, certain machine components will wear and eventually need to be replaced. When this happens, having spare parts and tooling readily available on your floor keeps downtime to a minimum and ensures operations continue with little to no negative impact to the bottom line.

So, which parts should be included in a smart maintenance strategy

Recommendation #1:

Always keep spare tooling on hand. This includes peen tools for our Orbital Riveting equipment and Jaws, Drivers, and Rollsets for our Impact Riveters. The tooling contacts the part during each machine cycle and, depending on production volumes, wears quicker than other spare parts.

Tooling is also the most custom spare part, designed and manufactured individually for each unique application. With average lead times of 3-4 weeks, waiting to order tooling until it is needed can be detrimental to maintaining production schedules. Our experts recommend keeping one spare tooling package on hand to prevent excessive downtime when new tooling is required. This also ensures you aren’t assembling parts with worn or damaged tooling, as this can result in increased scrap parts and decreased throughput.

Recommendation #2:

Our Spare Parts and Tooling team sends out a Recommended Spare Parts list after each machine shipment. While this does include the required tooling, there are also other spare parts that will experience general wear and tear during normal machine use. For our standard orbital and impact riveters, we keep most of these spare parts in stock, as they are used in all our standard machines. This guarantees customers can have quick access as items wear. By ordering these items before they are needed, however, manufacturers can save the time it would take to ship the part or prevent any waiting on the rare occasion that Orbitform runs out of parts.

Recommended Spare Parts for Standard Orbital Riveting Powerheads or Bench Machines:


Recommended Spare Parts for Standard Impact Riveters:


When it comes to preventing downtime due to normal wear and tear, keeping tooling and spare parts on hand can be the difference between a few minutes and a few weeks. Our Spare Parts and Tooling Department is fully staffed and stands ready to support you with the parts you need to prevent or minimize downtime. Contact our Spare Parts and Tooling department today with your machine serial number to get a quote on your recommended spare parts. 


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