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5 Benefits of an On-Site Equipment Run-Off

Purchasing capital equipment is a substantial investment. The equipment must meet specifications and deliver the desired outcomes. While much effort goes into the conceptualization and design phase, unforeseen challenges can surface during the equipment run-off before it is shipped out. Partnering with a trusted equipment manufacturer can ensure equipment compliance before it reaches the manufacturing floor. Orbitform’s run-off process identifies potential hurdles, and we extend an open invitation to manufacturers to participate in this process on-site.

Why should you visit for equipment run-off?

Before any assembly equipment leaves our facility, our Project Managers complete a machine run-off to ensure the equipment works as designed. This process includes assembling sample parts, dry cycling the equipment, checking safety features, and testing fault settings. We strongly urge that engineers, operators, and maintenance teams visit Orbitform during their machine run-offs for many reasons:

Participating in on-site equipment run-offs helps to fortify the foundation of manufacturing success. The benefits of this approach, ranging from equipment verification to hands-on training and enhanced collaboration, cannot be overstated. At Orbitform, we recognize the importance of having personnel on-site to ensure manufacturing excellence. Actively participating in equipment run-offs empowers manufacturers with the knowledge and confidence to hit the ground running once the equipment reaches the manufacturing facility. Contact us today to embark on a transformative partnership for your assembly needs.


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