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6 Ways to Leverage Orbitform's Service Team

When manufacturers invest in capital equipment, they need to know they will be supported after delivery of the equipment. Proactive and reactive support strategies are critical to keep operations running smoothly with minimal downtime or loss of production. Orbitform partners with manufacturers to ensure their assembly equipment will keep running for years to come.

One way we support manufacturers is with our in-house Service department, comprised of our Service Manager and two full-time Service Technicians. Through our Service Department, with the support of our in-house engineers and machine shop, we are able to provide both proactive and reactive maintenance strategies for permanent assembly equipment.

Here are 6 ways to leverage our Service Team:

  1. Preventative Maintenance Schedules – Preventative maintenance strategies include regular and routine maintenance of equipment and are critical to maximizing the life of the equipment and reducing downtime. Orbitform’s Service Team can provide manufacturers with a recommended maintenance schedule to keep their machine running smoothly. If manufacturers are affected by limited time or labor resources, we also offer custom contracts for our Service Technicians to come on-site and perform scheduled preventative maintenance.
  1. Installation Support – While our standard equipment is designed to “plug and play,” some equipment that has a higher level of automation or includes more involved controls may have a more complex setup process. After equipment is shipped, our Service Technicians can visit to provide installation and set-up support. This includes getting the equipment up and running, along with answering any questions the operators or maintenance team may have.
  1. Training & Education – In addition to providing installation support, our Service team can provide in-depth training to operators and maintenance teams either on-site or during machine run-off at Orbitform. This training can include preventative maintenance techniques, tooling changeovers, machine adjustments, and common troubleshooting.
  1. Service Calls – When equipment failure occurs, manufacturers must react quickly to minimize downtime and loss of production. With two full-time Service Technicians, we can be on-site in a reasonable amount of time for both warranty and non-warranty related issues.
  1. Equipment Inspections and Rebuilds – If manufacturers have existing assembly equipment that is no longer in use, they may want to repurpose it for a new project. To ensure the equipment still meets industry standards, our Service Team can do a full inspection of the equipment to determine what parts and labor are needed to repair or rebuild the equipment. After the inspection, our Service Team can rebuild the equipment to working condition.
  1. Support for Non-Orbitform Equipment – While our expertise lies with the equipment we manufacture, our 40+ years of experience has provided us with the industry knowledge to provide inspection, evaluation, and consultation on non-Orbitform assembly equipment.

Reliable, long-term support is crucial for manufacturers when investing in capital equipment. Whether it’s proactive maintenance and training or reactive service calls and rebuilds, Orbitform stands by our equipment long after installation. Contact our Service Team today to discuss your preventative maintenance strategies or other equipment service needs.