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Where to start when looking for a riveting equipment

Which riveting machine type is best for your fastening process? 


A list of common riveting machine types:





Static Roller Forming

Articulating Roller Forming

Hot Upset


Different Rivet Machines For Different Fastening Methods:

It is essential to understand the variations between riveting machine types as each machine offers certain advantages and disadvantages based on the assembly process under investigation. 


Defining your assembly process objectives and constraints before you begin searching for a fastening machine helps select the most suitable riveting machine. For example, suppose your fastening process involves assembling fragile components. In that case, you will likely look to orbital or radial forming to provide more control over the assembly forces applied. The hot upset riveting process could be a good candidate if you want to form hard materials such as tungsten.


Primary Differences Between Common Riveting Machine Types

The main factors that differentiate between riveting machines include the following:


The list above is only a starting point when outlining the differences between rivet machine abilities and constraints. It is critical to take the time to outline the joint’s key attributes to achieve your goals at the start of your assembly project. Then develop a set of operating constraints within which your fastening system must function. Knowing the assembly process success factors upfront will help you achieve a positive outcome.


Select a Rivet Machine Vendor Who Listens To What You Need

You can learn a lot about the rivet machine vendor you are talking with by asking them what other assembly processes could be utilized to assemble the product in question? 


Because Orbitform offers several different forming processes, you will not be swayed in one direction. Our subject matter experts will help you learn about the riveting techniques available for the success of your product assembly system. 


Of course, you will be able to narrow down the options once you have defined some of the specifications discussed above. Leveraging the Solutions Lab will allow you to test assembling your parts with different processes to determine the optimal choice.


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