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Rollsets for Any Riveter

How often are you experiencing scrap parts or having to rework products due to unacceptable rivet installation? Have you inspected the tooling on your impact riveter to see if replacing it could improve your results?

One of the key components of impact riveting equipment are the rollsets, also called anvils. Rollsets are responsible for shaping and forming the shaft of the rivet to join components together. Over time, these parts can wear out and become less effective, resulting in unacceptable forms and scrap parts.

As the manufacturer of the Milford brand of impact riveters, Orbitform has been manufacturing and supplying rollsets for these riveters since 2004. With our in-house engineering department, we also have the expertise to reverse engineer rollsets for any brand of riveting equipment. Our recent acquisition of Davison Tool Service, Inc. has allowed us to further expand our capabilities for providing rollsets. This means that if the original equipment supplier is no longer in business or is not supporting your tooling needs, we can provide replacement tooling.

In order to reverse engineer rollsets, we will need some information about the existing tooling.

  1. Part number – If the part number of the tooling is available, there is a chance that we can cross reference it with data we’ve acquired over the years or historical projects to find drawings.
  2. Existing tooling – Sending in the existing tooling allows our engineers to analyze the parts and create a new drawing, from which we can manufacture replacement tooling.
  3. Rollset and Rivet Measurement Chart – If part numbers or tooling samples are not available or not sufficient, we have a Rollset and Rivet Measurement Chart that can be filled out. From this information, we can create the drawing in order to manufacture the rollset.

Manufacturers that partner with us to replace their tooling, regardless of the impact riveting brand, have been able to improve the quality of their parts by replacing worn-out components. They can also save time over other tooling suppliers with our standard 4-week lead time on most rollset orders. Additionally, there is potential to improve upon the design as our tooling experts will listen to your needs and can make slight adjustments if you are experiencing challenges with your existing tooling.

If you are having trouble finding tooling for your impact riveters, whether Milford or another brand, our Spare Parts and Tooling Department stands ready to support you. Fully staffed and backed by in-house engineering and a machine shop all under one roof, we can save you time and money while also improving the efficiency of your machine and the quality of your parts. Contact us today to discuss your Spare Parts and Tooling needs.


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