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Rebuilding Assembly Equipment

Are you experiencing unidentifiable challenges with your impact riveter, orbital riveter, or other Orbitform assembly equipment? Is it negatively impacting your production?

Or… Do you want to extend the life of your existing Orbitform assembly equipment?

Or… Do you have Orbitform assembly equipment on your floor that is no longer in use and a new product that requires the same process?

Manufacturers experiencing the above challenges can benefit from having their equipment rebuilt by Orbitform’s Service Department. Our Service Technicians can identify and make necessary repairs, replace worn components, restore older equipment to a like-new condition, and retool equipment for new applications.

Orbitform’s Equipment Rebuild Process

When partnering with Orbitform for an equipment rebuild, manufacturers will work closely with our Service Manager and Service Technicians. While the process can vary based on the complexity of the equipment and the current challenges, the general process is as follows:

1. Manufacturers have an in-depth conversation with our Service Team to understand the current challenges and desired outcomes for the rebuild.

2. Orbitform provides a quote for a nominal inspection fee to evaluate the equipment.

3. Once purchased, manufacturers send their equipment to Orbitform for inspection.

4. After evaluating the equipment, Orbitform provides an updated quote for the parts and labor hours needed to bring the machine to a like-new condition and make any other desired changes. Upon purchase, the inspection fee is credited towards the total cost of the rebuild.

5. Upon receipt of a purchase order, our Service Department rebuilds the machine, including disassembly, component and tooling replacement as needed, reassembly, repainting, testing, and final run-off.

6. Manufacturers receive the equipment in like-new condition with the same 1-year warranty as a new piece of equipment.

Case Study: Retooling an Impact Riveter for a New Application

Recently, an aerospace manufacturer contacted Orbitform to retool their existing Milford Impact Riveter. The equipment, purchased in the 1970s, was tooled for a product line that was ending. They had a new product that required the same impact riveting process but used a different rivet. They contacted us to determine how to use their existing machine for the new product. While discussing their needs, they also mentioned how difficult it was to move the equipment around their shop because of the large cast base.

Our Service Team rebuilt the machine, replaced worn components, and returned the 40-year-old riveter to a like-new condition. Our in-house Engineering Department redesigned the feeding system and tooling to allow the riveter to run the new rivet. We also updated the riveter to our new design, which includes a base with fork tubes for easy relocation within a facility. This rebuilt machine came with the same 1-year warranty we provide with new equipment.

If you want to refresh your riveting or assembly equipment, retool for a new product line, or address equipment issues impacting production, consider rebuilding your equipment instead of buying new. Having your equipment rebuilt can sometimes result in a quicker return on investment. If you would like to determine if rebuilding your equipment is the right solution for the challenges you are facing with your existing permanent assembly equipment, contact our Service Department by email or through our service request form.