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Orbitform's Servo Riveter - A "Closed Loop" Torque Check Solution

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Posted on 11/08/2016 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


An Automotive Tier 1 supplier needed a better solution for a pivot hinge to be assembled within a specified torque range. The company’s previous process used 2 machines; the 1st machine formed the rivet, the 2nd machine checked the joint torque. The supplier learned of Orbitform’s new Servo-Driven orbital riveter, and contacted Orbitform to engage in process testing.


Orbitform validated the feasibility using its Servo-Driven riveter to form the joint and check joint torque during the machine cycle. The machine sequence included orbital forming then checking torque in fixture; executing this sequence until the joint was within the acceptable torque range.


This “closed loop” riveting/torque check operation was a significant savings to the supplier related to capital investment, floor space, throughput, and consistent quality.


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