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Jaw Lowering Safety Device

When it comes to designing operator-dependent assembly equipment, safety is a requirement. At Orbitform, safety is a top priority, not only for our own employees but for our customers as well. We guarantee that every assembly machine that leaves our facility meets the highest standard requirements.

We are always on the lookout for areas to improve, both in safety and in function. We are in constant communication with our customers to find out what is working for them and what could be improved. Many manufacturers that use impact riveting have turned to Orbitform, looking for a machine safety solution for joint assemblies that are difficult to access due to product design features/obstructions. Current safety devices often include a halo-like safety ring, but this can be an obstacle for part positioning and loading/unloading.

Our in-house engineering department went to work redesigning our current pneumatic safety probe to provide a “ring-less” safety device. This new Jaw Lowering Safety Device solves the clearance challenges posed by typical impact riveting safety devices by using the already present jaws to check for clearance.

The double guide rod cylinder design is mounted off the machine riveting head to create a more robust system that utilizes redundant safety features. The shaft, which was previously attached to the safety ring is parallel with the head and leverages gravity for the drop. This design allows the jaws to act as the safety probe prior to the machine actuating and the driver installing the rivet.

By eliminating the safety ring, which can be an obstacle for part load/unload or part positioning, the jaw lowering safety device maximizes clearance and improves access to joints, especially those near a sidewall. Product engineers only need to ensure the jaws can access this location, instead of having to provide clearance for a safety ring. This ensures the machine remains safe for operators when a safety ring isn’t feasible.

In addition to maximizing clearance, our new safety device helps ease part set-up and changeover. With the safety built into the jaws, the need for operator adjustment is minimized. When running multiple parts with various thicknesses, this device also allows for easier changeover and quick set of tooling height. It only requires a simple 3-D printed tuning fork to set the distance of the jaw dropdown position to the anvil.

Safety is a top priority for Orbitform. We want to ensure each piece of equipment leaves our building safe and remains safe in the field. With both our Pneumatic Safety Probe and new Jaw Lowering Safety Device being compliant with OSHA Standards, in addition to our many other safety options, we are confident we are providing the most robust and safest machines. Contact our assembly experts today to discuss the safety of your current equipment.