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In-Process Torque Check

Finding You the Best Fit Assembly Process

Posted on 06/13/2019 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Manufacturing requires consistency and repeatability.  When your assembly process is inconsistent and you experience quality issues, where do you turn?

Orbitform is the leading expert in forming fastening and assembly solutions.  We partner with manufacturers to find the best possible assembly process.  Recently, we were approached by a manufacturer on an articulating joint with a very specific, low torque specification.

Upon review of the manufacturer’s current joint forming method, it was found there was a high scrap rate due to inconsistent torque.  The forming method they were using for the rivet, which held together two handles, simply did not provide enough control to ensure the proper torque specs while holding all components robustly.


Orbitform partnered with the manufacturer to test the assembly in our Solutions Lab.  Many assemblies were formed to different forces.  After testing the assemblies, a precise forming force was found to provide the required joint functions.

Orbitform experts worked to develop a new, accurate, repeatable process for the manufacturer.  The system combined a servo-driven orbital powerhead with process monitoring, a servo-driven wedge to raise and lower the assembly for forming, and a rotary servo for in process torque check.


Upon initiation, the orbital head advances to locate the bottom of the rivet head in the assembly.  The overall length of the rivet is detected, and the stick-up is verified within its specification limits. Based on the specific information received, the rivet is then formed to a specific overall length from the rivet head.  Once formed, the tool retracts, and the assembly exercised a set number of times to release pressure in the joint.  Then, using the rotary servo, the torque of the joint is measured.  If the torque spec is met, the powerhead fully retracts and part unload.  However, if the spec is not met, the forming cycle repeats.  Upon development of this new system, the manufacturer received a repeatable, robust process that produces consistent assemblies every time.


Partnering with the experts at Orbitform on your assembly process provides many positive results.  The many fastening, forming and assembly processes offered provide the right solution for your functional requirements every time.  Orbitform is the only orbital riveting company able to provide in-process torque check, and eagerly awaits partnering with you on your next assembly process.  Contact us today to have our experts review your application and begin developing your unique solution.


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