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Global Shortage Challenges

As the world slowly begins to recover from the pandemic, companies are being challenged in unique ways to continue to meet their production demands.  In this rare time, global shortages for things such as microchips, raw steel, computer components, lumber and shipping options are driving manufacturers to double or even triple lead times on their standard products. 

At Orbitform, we are working around the clock to protect our customers from longer lead times and product shortages.  By leveraging practices such as building inventory, keeping stock of commonly used components, and manufacturing in-house, we continue to work toward getting our customers their unique assembly solutions as quickly as possible.

Throughout the pandemic, Orbitform has worked diligently to build inventory of our standard product.  These items, which include impact machines and orbital powerheads and bench machines, are neatly packaged on our floor, ready to be delivered.  Though these do not include fixturing or specialized tooling, these machines can be up and running on a customer’s floor in one week. 

As the shortage on commonly used items such as controls and light curtains began to grow, Orbitform took a look at our ordering history and built a stock of the most commonly used items.  Also, the highly talented purchasing team continues to keep their pulse on the lead time for these components.  As stock becomes depleted, our purchasers understand what it will take to rebuild in the necessary time frame.  By tracking lead time and usage, we are working diligently to prevent increased lead time due to purchased components.

Finally, Orbitform’s team of highly skilled machinists are working around the clock to respond quickly to manufacture components for our machines.  The high level of skill combined with innovation with use of robotics and the newest CNC technology continue to drive quicker cycle times and limit machine down time.  Leveraging these techniques, our manufacturing team continues to turn parts promptly to minimize lead time needed for internal machine components, fixtures, and tooling.

At Orbitform, we understand how important project timing is.  We recognize that all manufacturers are being challenged with global shortages and are diligently working to minimize the affects these have on our customers.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your assembly needs and challenges to find how we can support your manufacturing process while limiting effects of the shortages.  Contact us today to begin the conversation. 


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