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5 Reason to Use Servo-Driven Assembly Equipment

In the world of manufacturing, technology is always advancing. One of the trends is the move toward servo. Servo-driven equipment utilizes electric power over the old standard of pneumatics or hydraulics.   

Keeping up with industry trends is important, as older technologies may become obsolete and harder to support. Orbitform continues to offer pneumatic and hydraulic powerheads for assembly because these do have their place and aren’t going away any time soon. We also offer a full line of servo-driven powerheads and there are a few reasons to make the shift to servo-driven assembly equipment.

5 Reasons to Use Servo-Driven Assembly Equipment:

To support manufacturers looking to switch to servo-driven assembly equipment, Orbitform offers a full line of servo-driven powerheads and bench machines that can be used with any of our cold forming process including orbital forming, radial forming, and roller forming. Our new PSV-1000 is the largest servo orbital riveter on the market, with a forming force capacity of up to 18,000 lbs. This allows for forming larger diameter material without the need for hydraulics. 

Orbitform is continuously on the lookout for the latest technology and how we can improve our current assembly equipment. Our assembly experts take the time to understand every aspect of your application to ensure we are using the right technology and equipment to meet your requirements. Contact us today to discuss updating or improving your current assembly processes.


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