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Prevent Premature Tooling Wear

Purchasing a new machine is very exciting.  There is nothing quite like the anticipation of watching the machine arrive to your facility.  Once the machine is ready to run the first round of parts, everyone gathers around waiting to see how everything operates. 

Premature Wear

When working with a new machine, there is nothing more unnerving than premature tool wear.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine what expected tooling wear will be prior to purchase. Due to this, the expected lifetime of the peen tool is determined during the first production run on the manufacturer’s floor. 

Prevent the Issue

Orbitform’s spare parts, tooling and service teams are dedicated to touching base with each customer once production has begun on their new machine.  Should premature tooling wear become an issue, our team will provide feedback on options to help prevent this issue. 

Coated Tooling

Orbitform offers coated peen tools to help prolong the life of your tooling. 

The Solution

Recently a customer reached out to Orbitform to help find a solution to their tooling issue.  The customer was attempting to orbitally flare an aluminum tube.  Due to the gummy nature of aluminum, the tooling was creating galling, thus leading to premature wear.   To help determine the best option, the customer engaged in a paid peen development in our Solutions Lab.  Our lab technicians tested a carbon coating on their peen tool.  Upon forming, they immediately noticed a drastic reduction in galling with the new coating, thus prolonging the life of the tooling.  This finding helped reduce the overall maintenance cost of the machine and increase the product ROI.

We’re Here For You

The team at Orbitform stands ready to support your assembly equipment needs through the life of the machine.  If premature wear of your tooling becomes an issue, contact us right away to help determine the best solution. 


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