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5 Reasons to Add a Process Monitoring Package to Your Machine

When it comes to purchasing a new machine, the many options available can be confusing and overwhelming. To combat this, Orbitform works directly with manufacturers to find the best solution to fit their assembly needs. From specific cycle times to operator loading and specific functional requirements, we work with customers to find the best options that make sense for the application.

Orbitform’s Process Monitoring package can help in many types of applications. The package includes a load cell for feedback on force applied while forming, and a LVDT or linear variable differential transformer, which gives feedback on the distance the peen tool traveled to form a rivet. Once added to a machine, this package is programmed to meet the specific requirements of each unique assembly. 

Reasons for adding a Process Monitoring package to your machine can include:

There are many benefits to adding the Process Monitoring package to your next machine. The fastening, forming and assembly experts at Orbitform strive to partner with manufacturers to find which options best suit the requirements of each unique assembly. To find what machine and options will suit your manufacturing needs best, contact us today.


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