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Jun 05
Orbital Riveting has many advantages as a permanent assembly solution. The process results in minimal shank swell, perfect for smooth articulating joints. It can also provide aesthetically pleasing finished forms as the peen tool kneads the material into place. Rivets and fasteners for orbital riveting often cost less than those required for other non-permanent assembly [click here for more]

May 29
Vehicle Safety When backing out of your driveway and speeding down the road on your way to work, you probably don’t give much thought to the effort it takes to run your vehicle.  We have come to expect the highest quality out of our vehicles to provide transportation, while keeping us safe.  Vehicle manufacturers perform [click here for more]

May 23
Orbitform has been working with manufacturers in the HVAC industry for many years. Whether it’s assembling fan blades, vents, louvers, ceiling dampers, or pipe fittings, we understand the needs of HVAC manufacturers. Over the years, we have provided a number of process solutions for HVAC manufacturers. Custom Throat Depth When it comes to heating and [click here for more]

May 08
Save money with permanent assembly
How do you assemble your part? There are seemingly infinite ways to assemble, fasten, and adhere your part together. How do you decide? It starts with whether or not you need to take your part apart, as some processes result in permanent bonds. At Orbitform, we specialize in permanent part assembly. When your part doesn’t [click here for more]

Apr 24
Orbital forming vs Hot upset forming
When it comes to assembling your parts, there are many factors that must be considered, including strength of the joint, appearance, hole fill, and more. Furthermore, there are many fastening and forming processes that can be used, each with their own advantages. How do you decide which process is the best fit for your application [click here for more]

Apr 10
Automotive Parts
Orbitform has worked with many industries, including medical, aerospace, recreational, and more. As a proud Michigan manufacturer, we have been partnering with automotive manufacturers for 30+ years. We have provided assembly solutions for a large variety of automotive applications, including seating components, strikers, and more. Here are a few examples of some of the components [click here for more]

Mar 13
Orbitform building
Orbitform began in 1984, manufacturing Orbital and Radial Forming Equipment. During our first ten years, we expanded on our existing processes by adding a multi-forming option with our multi-point heads. We also created our Solutions Lab to help our customers with product design and to determine the best process for their application. Having worked mostly [click here for more]

Mar 06
Forming a flare Orbitally forming a flare is a unique process. As a forming force is applied, material flows to the path of least resistance, lead by the geometry of the peen tool. Finished form is dependent on the design of the surrounding assembly area, as well as the tooling needed for the process. Dimensional [click here for more]

Oct 09
Water cooler talk. The idea is simple- initiate conversation about any particularly interesting topic to any passerby and hold the conversation for as long as possible. Tried and true topics for conversation include sporting event outcomes, the weather, the weekend, and workplace drama. While water cooler talk may not be as popular as it used [click here for more]

Sep 25
Orbitform Data Logging system
The Orbitform Data Logging system is a simple solution for customers looking to gain intelligence about their assembly applications. Manufacturing engineers and plant floor technicians can export and log data created during an industrial assembly process when they incorporate the Orbitform data logging system. The Orbitform data logging system utilizes an industrial touchscreen panel that [click here for more]


Assembly Analysis
Sep 20
Join Orbitform at the Assembly Show 2017 October 24-26! The Orbitform booth is a show destination with industry-leading technology displayed on 1,500 square feet of floor space, including 17 forming, fastening, and automation machines, with live demonstrations. Use the standardized 20″ dial machine to assemble your own takeaway gift. Bring your parts to our booth [click here for more]

Sep 18
Hospital Furniture Riveting and Assembly
A midwest USA based manufacturer of healthcare industry furniture, learning facility desks, church chairs, and hospital beds was in a bind. They had received large orders for their products, but they did not have riveting nor assembly production capacity to meet the timeline of their customer. Orbitform stepped in to help the furniture manufacturer successfully [click here for more]

Sep 11
Riveting of Rotating Commercial Truck Part
A manufacturer of commercial vehicle suspension, lifting, and coupling products was looking to securely rivet a coupling assembly together that included a 5/8 inch diameter solid metal rivet. The rivet needed to be formed to a specific finished head diameter while also allowing the components to rotate freely following the orbital forming process. Orbitform’s applications [click here for more]

Aug 21
Pneumatic Safety Probe on Riveting Machine
Safety is a top priority at Orbitform, not just in our own facility but in our customers’ factories as well. Therefore, we discuss assembly machine safety options with our customers for each machine we build. Available safety features and control options Include: safety probes, dual palm buttons, polycarbonate guarding, and light curtains. The Orbitform safety [click here for more]

Jul 24
stainless steel riveting
Riveting with stainless steel rivets presents advantages and challenges. Rivets made of stainless steel are durable and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel rivets are also more difficult to upset due to the material strength of the rivets which requires more impact riveting force to upset the shank side of the rivet. Stainless steel rivets often require [click here for more]

Jul 10
kitchen spatula riveted with Orbitform utensil riveter
Kitchen utensil manufacturing companies often inquire about Orbitform riveting machines as a way to assemble spatulas, ladles, kitchen forks, slotted cooking spoons, salad tongs, and other types of food handling equipment. Food serving utensils of all shapes, sizes, and materials are efficiently and safely assembled when Orbitform utensil fastening riveting machines are used in the [click here for more]

Jun 26
Engine Lifter Roller Orbitally Formed by Orbitform
Carbide peen. 60 Rc hardness ASTM 52100 bearing steel. Automotive OEM high performance engine component. Special pressure pad. Process monitoring. The words and phrases above could cause some companies to walk away, or to wilt under the pressure, when used in conjunction with the product engineering and process development of a new automotive engine component. [click here for more]

Jun 12
Frying pan riveted by Orbitform
Cookware manufacturing companies utilize Orbitform riveting machines to assemble pots, pans, trays, skillets, and other types of cooking equipment and baking ware. Cooking gear of all shapes, sizes, and materials is efficiently and safely fastened when an Orbitform cookware riveter is included in the product assembly process. Types of Cookware Assembled with Riveting Machines Any [click here for more]

Jun 04
Orbital Forming a Round Axle into Plate with Hexagon Hole
We love running experiments in the Orbitform customer solutions lab! A customer asked us to test the orbital forming of a wheel shaft into and around the hexagon shaped hole in a plate. The plate acts as a wheel hub for a type of lawn and garden equipment. The customer desired to replace welding with [click here for more]

May 22
Flush Self-Piercing Rivet Machines by Orbitform
Flush self-pierce riveting is a metal assembly process used to join two or more metals together. The flush self-pierce riveting process is used when there is a need to join dissimilar metals, when the metals being fastened have varying thicknesses, if pre-painted metal materials are to be joined, and/or if pre-coated materials are required to [click here for more]


Assembly Analysis
May 08
Medical Device with Orbital Riveting
Medical devices present unique challenges to the engineering and manufacturing world since many medical devices work inside the human body or are even permanently installed inside the human body. Thus, the medical device must be clean, smooth, safe, secure, dependable, and simple to install. A surgical implant medical device company approached Orbitform for help with [click here for more]

Apr 25
Milford Riveting Machine With Special Lower Tooling
I have heard of golf course hole layouts being shaped as a dog leg, but when I heard about the lower tooling on a Milford Rivet impact riveting machine being shaped as a goose neck that was a surprise. Orbitform’s rivet machine engineers recently helped a customer develop a riveter equipped with special offset lower [click here for more]

Apr 06
There is a certain pop music song on the airwaves that goes something like this…”it’s all about that bass, about that bass, no treble…” When we hear that song, do you know what we think of? We think of our rivet machine competitors who only deal with one type of riveting process and often steer [click here for more]

Mar 07
Aerospace Engine Blocker Door Assembly Machine
Ever heard of an aerospace blocker door? Any idea what a jet engine blocker door does? We didn’t know what an airplane blocker door was, nor what it’s function was, either until we were asked to help an aerospace industry supplier develop a machine to install bearings and verify the push out force required to [click here for more]

Feb 22
Custom Window Drum Winder Assembly Machine
A tier two automotive supplier asked Orbitform to design and build several custom workstations to assemble the drum winders, cables, and other components associated with the window regulator sub-assembly of an automotive door module the supplier was building. This project presented many challenges associated with: cycle time requirements, quality assurance factors, operator safety considerations, model [click here for more]


Assembly Analysis
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