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Jul 03
Product design can be one of the most challenging tasks for an engineer. From multiple concepts through building prototypes, engineers take many steps to ensure their design meets functional and safety requirements. Once they’ve finalized their design with management’s approval, they now have to determine exactly how they’re going to assemble it. There are many [click here for more]

Jun 19
Rivets can be found in many different products. From components in your vehicle to fire sprinklers in your workplace, permanent assembly processes produce strong joints critical to part success. Orbitform has been supporting manufacturers across multiple industries for more than 30 years. Our assembly experts have seen many unique applications. One of the unique industries [click here for more]

May 23
Orbitform has been working with manufacturers in the HVAC industry for many years. Whether it’s assembling fan blades, vents, louvers, ceiling dampers, or pipe fittings, we understand the needs of HVAC manufacturers. Over the years, we have provided a number of process solutions for HVAC manufacturers. Custom Throat Depth When it comes to heating and [click here for more]

Apr 10
Automotive Parts
Orbitform has worked with many industries, including medical, aerospace, recreational, and more. As a proud Michigan manufacturer, we have been partnering with automotive manufacturers for 30+ years. We have provided assembly solutions for a large variety of automotive applications, including seating components, strikers, and more. Here are a few examples of some of the components [click here for more]

Apr 04
Impact Machine
Impact riveting is well known for fast cycle time and ability to provide maximum shank swell.  In addition to both desirable features, Milford by Orbitform is also incredibly flexible in riveting options.  Recently, when approached by a customer with a high volume application requiring multiple hits, Orbitform went to work to find options to achieve [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Mar 27
Semi-Tubular Rivets
Impact Riveting uses impact force to permanently fasten components together. The quick process helps to minimize cycle time, increase throughput, and lower operating expenses. The most commonly used rivet for impact riveting is a mild steel semi-tubular rivet. The proper rivet geometry is crucial to meet the joint requirements. Orbitform’s Lab Technicians have helped numerous [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Mar 13
Orbitform building
Orbitform began in 1984, manufacturing Orbital and Radial Forming Equipment. During our first ten years, we expanded on our existing processes by adding a multi-forming option with our multi-point heads. We also created our Solutions Lab to help our customers with product design and to determine the best process for their application. Having worked mostly [click here for more]

Feb 13
Milford Bench Top Impact Riveter
Manufacturers in the medical industry face extreme pressures to produce robust parts at high volumes. It is crucial that their products have secure joints that withstand wear and tear, but they also need to be produced quickly and in a cost-effective manner. It’s not enough to produce a good product if you aren’t seeing an [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Dec 05
You’ve decided on impact riveting as the best process for your application. With a fast cycle time and simple operation, you have the advantage over your competitors. Now you need to determine how to feed the rivets for installation. What are your options? Standard Rotary Hopper Most of Orbitform’s Impact Riveters come standard with a [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Sep 12
Growing With Purpose Milford Fastening Company began in 1940 as Milford Rivet & Machine Company and was recognized across the industry for building quality riveting machines, many of which are still in operation today. When Orbitform identified Milford as an acquisition target, company leaders saw an opportunity to gain a brand with significant marketplace recognition [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Jan 22
Milford riveting machine Safety Probe
According to Merriam-Webster, the word “impactful” means having a forceful impact: producing a marked impression. Influential people that come to mind when you think of the word might be Mother Teresa, Gandhi, or Martin Luther King Jr. When asked to reflect on who has had the greatest impact in your life you might answer: a [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Oct 02
If we keep our proverbial skeletons in the closet, our ghosts must surely reside in the nooks of our attics. Attics are shrines to the past: containing clothing three sizes too small, remnants of discarded hobbies, the ever-lingering scent of mothballs, and countless mutterings of “it’s around here somewhere”. Have you been up there lately? [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Sep 20
Join Orbitform at the Assembly Show 2017 October 24-26! The Orbitform booth is a show destination with industry-leading technology displayed on 1,500 square feet of floor space, including 17 forming, fastening, and automation machines, with live demonstrations. Use the standardized 20″ dial machine to assemble your own takeaway gift. Bring your parts to our booth [click here for more]

Sep 04
Milford Rivet Machine and Feeder Bowl
Milford Rivet & Machine Company began in 1940 and since that beginning the company has produced thousands of Milford riveting machines many of which are still in operation today. Originally headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, the Milford brand name has always stood tall in the riveting and fastening industry. Milford Rivet & Machine Company changed its [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Aug 21
Pneumatic Safety Probe on Riveting Machine
Safety is a top priority at Orbitform, not just in our own facility but in our customers’ factories as well. Therefore, we discuss assembly machine safety options with our customers for each machine we build. Available safety features and control options Include: safety probes, dual palm buttons, polycarbonate guarding, and light curtains. The Orbitform safety [click here for more]

Jul 24
stainless steel riveting
Riveting with stainless steel rivets presents advantages and challenges. Rivets made of stainless steel are durable and corrosion resistant. Stainless steel rivets are also more difficult to upset due to the material strength of the rivets which requires more impact riveting force to upset the shank side of the rivet. Stainless steel rivets often require [click here for more]

Jul 17
bear and trash can
A manufacturer of bear proof garbage cans was looking for a better way of securing the bear proof latching and locking mechanism on their product line of animal proof waste receptacles. They wanted to look into riveting the edge trim sections on the upper lip of the trash bin and fastening the latch device with [click here for more]

Jul 10
kitchen spatula riveted with Orbitform utensil riveter
Kitchen utensil manufacturing companies often inquire about Orbitform riveting machines as a way to assemble spatulas, ladles, kitchen forks, slotted cooking spoons, salad tongs, and other types of food handling equipment. Food serving utensils of all shapes, sizes, and materials are efficiently and safely assembled when Orbitform utensil fastening riveting machines are used in the [click here for more]

Jun 12
Frying pan riveted by Orbitform
Cookware manufacturing companies utilize Orbitform riveting machines to assemble pots, pans, trays, skillets, and other types of cooking equipment and baking ware. Cooking gear of all shapes, sizes, and materials is efficiently and safely fastened when an Orbitform cookware riveter is included in the product assembly process. Types of Cookware Assembled with Riveting Machines Any [click here for more]

May 15
Milford riveting machine Safety Probe
Milford Rivet impact riveting machines built by Orbitform come equipped with safety devices which protect factory workers and increase the throughput of fastening and assembly processes. The safety probe is an excellent method to protect hands and fingers on riveting machines as the safety device reduces accidents at the point of operation where the operator’s [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Apr 25
Milford Riveting Machine With Special Lower Tooling
I have heard of golf course hole layouts being shaped as a dog leg, but when I heard about the lower tooling on a Milford Rivet impact riveting machine being shaped as a goose neck that was a surprise. Orbitform’s rivet machine engineers recently helped a customer develop a riveter equipped with special offset lower [click here for more]

Apr 06
There is a certain pop music song on the airwaves that goes something like this…”it’s all about that bass, about that bass, no treble…” When we hear that song, do you know what we think of? We think of our rivet machine competitors who only deal with one type of riveting process and often steer [click here for more]

Feb 01
Furniture Mechanism Riveted by Milford Rivet Machine
A designer and manufacturer of motion furniture components from the southeast region of the USA approached Orbitform for help assembling several furniture brackets for their new product line offering. The challenge included the requirement for one (1) single impact riveter capable of fastening a variety of rotating furniture supports using four (4) different semi-tubular rivets [click here for more]

Feb 17
The word “best” can be a tricky word sometimes. In order to answer the question of which riveting machine type is best for your fastening process it is important to start by defining your objectives. Some helpful tips include creating a list of the assembly factors important to the components you are assembling and developing [click here for more]

Jan 27
A bee keeping supplies manufacturer and retailer from eastern Illinois was having difficulty assembling their bee hive smokers.  Orbitform helped by designing and building two (2) Milford impact riveting machines.  Each riveter was tooled to automatically feed and insert a specific stainless steel rivet prior to the machine forming the rivet to attach different parts [click here for more]

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