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A Dual Opposed Solution

Vehicle Safety

When backing out of your driveway and speeding down the road on your way to work, you probably don’t give much thought to the effort it takes to run your vehicle.  We have come to expect the highest quality out of our vehicles to provide transportation, while keeping us safe.  Vehicle manufacturers perform stringent tests to ensure the highest quality, giving you a smooth, worry-free ride.

Self-Contained System

Orbitform upholds the same quality standards with fastening, forming, riveting and assembly, so it is no surprise that we were approached to find a self-contained solution to form carrier pins in a transmission planetary carrier gear.  In a completed assembly, components were held in place by either four or six carrier pins.  A machine solution was required to form both sizes of gears and to form the carrier pins equally on each side to meet the high-quality standards.

Tolerancing Challenge

Upon review of the assembly, the largest challenge was with the tolerancing of the carrier pins. Prior to forming, the pins were slip fit, held in place by grease.  While forming the first pin, the other pins could fall out due to the slip fit.  Orbitform partnered with the manufacturer to design a fixture that would allow for robotic loading and unloading and hold all pins in place during the forming process.  The fixture could also shuttle to hit the next pin, thus creating a self-contained solution. 

Orbital Forming

The next challenge addressed was the forming of the pins.  During testing in Orbitform’s Solutions Lab, our lab technicians found that orbitally forming the pins .070” on each side created the desired form to withstand the pushout forces the carrier would be seeing.  However, the pins required a back-up upon forming. 

A Dual Opposed Solution

To combat these challenges and meet the required cycle time, Orbitform introduced the idea of a dual-opposed system that was programmable to run either the four pin or six pin carrier.  An orbital powerhead would act as a hard stop on one side of the carrier pin while the other side was being orbitally formed.  Next the two powerheads would switch jobs and form the opposite side.  After this cycle was complete, the fixture would then shuttle to the next pin and begin again. 

High Quality

In developing this dual opposed, self-contained system, Orbitform was able to provide a solution that exceeded expectations and achieved the required cycle time.  In addition, through partnering with our customer on this project, Orbitform was able to ensure the carrier pins overperformed in safety tests to provide the highest quality vehicle components possible. 


Orbitform is committed to providing high quality, robust and unique solutions to overperform in meeting the functional requirements in a joint.  Afterall, on your drive home from work tonight, your thoughts should be on your family, not questioning the safety of your vehicle. 

Orbitform stands ready to partner with you on your next fastening, forming, riveting or assembly project.  Contact us today to find your unique solution.

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Conveyor Solutions for High-Volume Production

Heightened Volume Requirements

Moving parts from one process to another becomes challenging as the assembly grows.  Palletized conveyors are a great solution for heightened volume requirements. Orbitform is a leading expert in palletized conveyors and has created many options for material handling. 

Too Large for Operator Handling

Automotive component production requirements often are too large for operator handling without added machinery.  Orbitform was challenged with finding a conveyance solution for a 100mm-140mm diameter component system with a high production volume. Upon review of the required cycle time, process and component tracking, we were able to design a unique, one-of-a-kind system to fit all the client’s needs.

Ideal Way to Move Parts

Due to the size and shape of the part, a palletized conveyor was ideal to move the parts.  A palettized conveyor is a conveyance system in which a part is placed directly on a part specific fixture, called a pallet, which stays directly on the conveyor system.  This pallet then moves the part via the conveyor system, holding it securely. 

A Self-Contained System

In addition to designing a completely self-contained system, Orbitform was able to include smart traffic control, gauging station and part tracking.  The new system was designed with a raw part sorting system and robotic load and unload. 

Move and Track Parts Effortlessly

Upon integrating the system into this new line, the client received a completely self-contained solution to meet their every need.  This new system moves and tracks parts effortlessly through the entire manufacturing process. 

Experts in Conveyors

In addition to being experts in forming, fastening and riveting, Orbitform is also the expert in conveyors and assembly process.  Palletized conveyors are an excellent solution to manufacturing your assembly when experiencing the following challenges:

  • High Volumes
  • Safety concerns
  • Part Ergonomics
  • Large and/or heavy assemblies
  • Limited workforce resources

Orbitform stands ready to work together to design your next conveyor project.  Contact us today to find your unique assembly solution.

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Finding Solutions for Limited Resources

High Workload, Limited Workforce

Limited resources… It’s a problem many manufacturers are currently facing – plenty of work, purchase orders, and customers to work with, but not enough qualified employees to complete the workload. When the workload continues to grow, but the workforce is sparse, how do you manufacture assemblies that impress your customers?

Multiple Solution Options

Orbitform recognizes that an assembly solution is not always in the form of a simple machine. We have been working with many customers recently to solve this exact issue. Manufacturers have purchase orders to fulfill, but far too few qualified workers to take on the workload. Often times, solutions may also include eliminating production steps, decreasing cycle times, and reducing machine operators.

Increased Production with Limited Resources

Recently, we were contacted by a customer who was facing this exact issue – three separate production steps and cells to produce their shock mount assembly. As production volume increased, how could they continue to manufacture their product with limited resources?

A Unique Solution

Orbitform worked directly with design engineers to produce a simple, yet unique solution for this customer – a 12-station dial machine to combine three processes into one. This dial assembled a casting, loaded the rubber isolator, placed the steel washer, formed over the washer, and provided a quality check to complete the assembly in only seven seconds.

Integration of Automation

Previously, the assembly would have taken three operators through three separate manufacturing processes with high cycle times. Through the integration of automation, the customer received their desired outcome; a cost-cutting assembly machine that required fewer resources. The complete solution dial included two smaller dials for an operator to pre-load parts to be fed into the larger dial. In addition to that, the large dial included stations for component assembly, part presence check, top cap/steel washer placement, roller-forming and auto unload.

Our Pride is in Your Solution

At Orbitform, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide solutions. This project provided exactly that; a solution to limited resources and a large work-flow. We are pleased to deliver the right solution to impress our customers and stand ready to help find a solution for you, however big or small. Contact us today to find how we can support your assembly manufacturing process.

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Air Sensor

impact riveting air sensor

Process: Semi-Tubular Impact

Semi-Tubular rivets aided in the gasket seal and eliminated shank swell. The machine was set up for multiple parts using the same rivet, adding versatility to the machine. The rivets were set using an X-Y Automation to increase efficiency.

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Die Cast Aluminum

Orbitally Formed Aluminum Post

An automotive parts supplier needed to permanently retain a sound deadening baffle plate on the inside of an engine cover. Extensive testing in Orbitform's Solutions Lab led our engineers to develop precision rivet geometry, rivet coatings, and forming forces to create a cheaper and more reliable process.

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Brake Shoe

Impact Riveted Brake Pad

Process: Semi-Tubular Rivets

Multiple rivets were set with a single impact machine using an X-Y table, increasing efficiency. Process monitoring provided quality control, while multiple part fixtures for the same machine increased versatility and Return on Investment.

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