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Supporting Essential Manufacturers

Manufacturers across many industries have been working hard to provide support during the current pandemic. The need for various PPE, bed frames, medical devices, and more has greatly increased. Many companies have quickly changed their assembly lines to make products that have been in short supply. Orbitform stands ready to support manufacturers with assembly equipment to meet the increased volume requirements.

Face Shields

One of the biggest increases in demand has been for face shields to protect essential workers and first responders. To keep up with the volume increase, manufacturers need a quick assembly process to attach the shield to the headband. Our orbital powerheads can be easily integrated into an assembly line to orbitally form the rivets and produce an aesthetically pleasing finish form. As a standard product, we can provide powerheads to manufacturers quickly to ensure volume requirements are met.

When cycle time is a higher priority than appearance, Orbitform’s impact riveting line provides fast insertion of semi-tubular rivets with a machine cycle time that is typically less than one second. With our in-house engineering department, we can modify our impact riveting machines to install other types of fasteners as well. For a face shield that utilizes a two-sided fastener, we can modify our tooling and feeding mechanisms to fit the application. With multi-hit equipment, manufacturers can install multiple fasteners simultaneously to meet their volume requirements.

Bed/Cot Frames

As the need to support more patients increases, so does the need for portable and foldable beds and cots. Many manufacturers need to increase their volumes while still providing a safe product with secure joints. Orbitform’s impact riveters provide a quick cycle time to meet demand. In addition, vibratory hoppers can accommodate longer rivets typically used with bed and cot frames. With heavy-duty equipment options, we can also install rivets made of harder materials to ensure a strong joint.

Medical Devices

Small, delicate medical devices such as needles and cannula tubes have also seen an increase in demand. Orbitform’s radial forming process is ideal for small, delicate parts because it displaces material from the center outward. For one manufacturer of cannula tubes, we fitted our radial equipment with a flaring peen to flare the ends of their tubes. This process creates less side load on the part, allowing just end to be flared out while the rest of the tube remains unaffected.


As companies work to improve the air quality in their facilities to protect their employees, there is an increase in demand for HVAC products. Parts formed with Orbitform equipment include fan blades, vents, louvers, ceiling dampers, pipe fittings, and more. HVAC manufacturers can meet their volume requirements with the quick cycle time of our single hit impact riveters or the increased capacity of a multi-hit riveter. With standard equipment, engineered tooling, and safety options, we can provide also provide one piece of equipment to form a wide variety of different parts. For larger assemblies, we also offer riveters with custom throat depths.

Supporting Manufacturers

During trying times, we believe it is important that we play our part to one another. Orbitform stands ready to support all manufacturers, including those that are supplying essential products to support pandemic relief efforts. Whether it’s quick delivery of our standard product or an engineered solution to meet your application requirements, we are ready to partner with you for success. Contact us today to discuss your application needs.