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Speed Up Your Assembly Process with Multi-Hit Impact Riveting

If you install multiple rivets per workpiece, you need to consider a multi-head or multi-hit impact machine. Compared to a single-hit machine, these impact riveters will reduce your cycle time and work area footprint while increasing production throughput. 


Multi-Head Riveters consist of two or more riveting heads with independent tooling designed to simultaneously work on the same part. The multi-head systems allow the operator to turn the head on and off separately and use a single head for rework.



Multi-Hit Riveters consist of one head and two or more tooling packages to simultaneously work on the same part. Fixed center riveting machines are designed to set two rivets simultaneously on very close centers. The minimum distance is dependent on the size of the rivet heads. Maximum rivet spacing is up to four inches.




When your parts require multiple rivets, there are many things to consider—footprint, cycle time, part support, and annual volumes all factor into designing your equipment. Partnering with Orbitform’s assembly experts ensures you get the right solution. Contact us today to start your next assembly project.