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Booming Business in a Pandemic

While many manufacturers have experienced shutdowns, decreased production, and even sending their employees to work from home, a few businesses in select industries are experiencing a giant explosion in demand.  With this rise in demand, manufacturers are seeking out solutions to help increase their production volume as quickly as possible.

Increase in Demand

Recently, a bed frame manufacturer reached out to Orbitform for additional assembly equipment to install rivets in their bed frame assemblies.  With so many people now staying home, limited travel, and the additional need for beds and cots at hospitals, demand has greatly increased.  

Volume Requirements

At Orbitform, we offer many different forming, fastening and assembly solutions.  Due to their volume requirements, the customer needed equipment with a very fast cycle time.  Impact riveting best suited this requirement for this application.  However, with a ¼” solid mild steel rivet, a light duty Milford impact machine would not provide enough force. 

An Adtech Solution

With multiple types of machines in our arsenal, our heavy duty Adtech riveters provided the answer – a fast cycle time with enough force to form the large rivet.  The Model R5000 was the perfect fit, providing 4 tons of force to form the rivet in less than one second. 

Decreased Lead Time

With demand quickly building, the customer needed their riveting solution fast.  With options for Factory Remanufactured Machines (FRM), Orbitform was able to decrease lead time by 10 weeks.  With exceptional quality and a full warranty on the FRM machine, delivery in just over 2 months was key.  Additionally, the savings on the machine enabled the customer to purchase two machines at once, thus doubling their production capabilities.

Ready to Support You!

At Orbitform, we develop custom fastening, forming and assembly equipment for manufacturers.  Whether you require a large amount of force, are experiencing an increase in demand, or need equipment on your floor right away, our highly trained team of Engineers stand ready to support your needs.  Contact us today to find your unique assembly solution.