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An Aerospace Landing Gear Solution

The invention and development of the aerospace industry has dramatically impacted our world today.  Moving from country to country is no longer an exhausting multiple day task.  Now, one can travel to the farthest parts of the world within a day’s time.  With the addition of the internet and social media, the ability to quickly fly from place to place has now made our world feel much smaller and within reach.  What we don’t consider when flying is the amount of time, money, and hard work put into these mammoth aircrafts. 


Multiple Applications

At Orbitform, we support the assembly of many components within an aircraft.  From the nose all the way to the tail, you can find components that have been fastened together using one of our many forming, fastening and assembly processes. Quite possibly one of the most important components supported with Orbitform’s orbital riveting process is landing gear brake pads. 


Prior to approaching Orbitform for a solution to create consistency in joint retention, one customer was experiencing a large amount of rework due to inconsistent riveting.  Orbitform worked closely with these landing gear experts to develop the correct orbital forming solution to improve consistency and retention within the joint. 

Clamp Load

Additionally, consistent clamp load was required while being formed to prevent damage to the rotors and stators.  To help combat this, a pressure pad was added to the orbital machine to provide a clamp load to the part prior to forming the rivet.  This clamp load prevented components from shifting during forming, thus increasing the effectiveness of forming the rivet to the required specs.

Operator Handling

Next, due to the size of the rotors and stators, operator handling was also a challenge.  Errors and injury were on the rise, and a new solution was needed.  Orbitform worked with the company’s engineers to design an automated machine to limit operator handling.  This solution helped parts easily move in and out of the machine to be formed.  The machine decreased cycle time, injuries and operator errors, all while increasing throughput. 

Partner With Us

When partnering with Orbitform, our customers receive the best possible forming, fastening and assembly solution.  On this landing gear project, our customer walked away with maximum consistency and throughput and minimized rework.  Our fastening, forming and assembly experts stand ready to partner with you on your next assembly project.  Contact us today to begin to develop your solution.