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Orbitform's Application Lab

Applications Lab

A major specialty of the Orbitform Group is our Applications Lab.

Here we can analyze your application, and as 100s of satisfied customers can attest, deliver a cost efficient solution!

The only company in the industry with such a service, we have full-time specialists on staff to assist in custom part and process applications, and product and process development.

Our lab work typically falls into one of three main categories:

Extensive prototype work can help your company develop and/or improve new products and assembly processes.

Products range from air bag inflator tubes and canister components to high volume hydraulic fittings, electric fuel pumps, toy trucks, automotive transmissions, handcuffs and seat belts.

Orbitform has a dedicated engineering lab conference room and customer offices to make working with our applictions lab personnel convenient for you.

For a no-obligation look at your application or project please contact applications@orbitform.com or call 1-800-957-4838.

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