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Assembly Analysis

At Orbitform it all starts with the customer's part in our Assembly Solutions Lab. Our application engineers know the best way to optimize an assembly process is by assembling your sample parts. Product engineers receive invaluable feedback, suggestions for part features, and a more efficient and cost effective process. What sets us apart is our unbiased approach as you're not restricted to a single product line. Orbitform offers a range of assembly processes including: Orbital, Spiral, Impact, Hot Upset, Roller Forming, Pressing, and Projection & Resistance welding.

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Assembly Stories

Orbitform has delivered over 4,000 Assembly Solutions since 1984. We have solved some unique assembly problems over the years. These are just a few examples of how Orbitform's expertise and know-how has helped our customers.

Part Attributes

Hot Upset


A forming process using heat and pressure to form a fastener to produce heavy duty joints able to withstand high forces.

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Impact Riveting


An assembly process using force to fasten two things together permanently using a wide variety of rivet and material options.

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Orbital Forming

Orbitally Formed Part

A smooth, non-impact cold forming process used to create permanent joints with a high aesthetic appeal and a range of articulation potential.

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Roller Forming


Roller Forming is a non-impact process using two or more spinning rollers to apply symmetrical force to form a part.

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Dissimilar Materials


Parts of Dissimilar Materials, such as wood fastened with plastic or metal, Fastened Together Permanently

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Electrical Contacts

electrical contacts solid rivets

Parts With Electrical Contacts Created Using Coated Solid Rivets

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Formed Grooves

Roller Form 06b

Cylindrical Parts with Grooves Formed to Create a Finished Part

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Formed Lip


Cylindrical Parts With a Formed Lip Curled Over to Create a Finished Part

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Gasket & Seal


Parts With a Seal Created Using a Gasket & Permanent Forming.

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Hinge Joints


Parts created to make a hinge or articulating joint using methods with minimal rivet shank swell.

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Hole Fill


Heavy Duty Parts Created With Maximum Hole Fill to Sustain Extended Use

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Precision Torque Joints

orbital-parts_19 - Copy

Formed joints that require a specific level of tension on the form, such as Pliers, Precision Medical Equipment, and Scissors

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Uniquely Shaped


Parts That are Uniquely Shaped in Such a Way as to Require Special Forming Considerations. I.E. Oval Shaped Rivets, Interrupted Forms on Formed Lips, Etc.

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Uniquely Sized

small rivets

Rivets and formed parts that are either very small or very large, each with their own hurdles and obstacles to overcome.

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Parts relating to the aerospace industry.

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Striker Wires, Engine Components, Hardened Materials, Heavy Duty Assemblies, Solid & Semi-Tubular Rivets

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Building & Construction


Heavy Duty Assemblies, Articulating Hinges, Solid Rivets, Hardened Materials

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Consumer Goods


Aesthetically Pleasing Finishes, Durable Assemblies, Solid & Semi Tubular Rivets

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Seat Reclining Mechanisms, Adjustable Furniture, Permanent Rivets, Heavy Duty Assemblies

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Parts Relating to the HVAC Industry

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Industrial Components


Parts relating to Industrial Components and that Industry

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Precision Torque Instruments, Surgical Tools, Permanent Rivets, Articulating Hinges

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Safety Equipment


Safety Equipment Created to Be Reliable Over Time & Extended Use.

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