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Impact Riveting

Impact Riveting is an assembly process using force to fasten two things together permanently using a wide variety of rivet and material options. Cycle time is fast and operation is simple, giving you an assembly advantage.

Impact Video

Key Features

Automatic Rivet Feeding

Save time and money with impact riveting and automatic rivet feeding. Minimize cycle times to increase throughput and lower operating expenses.

Single and Multi-Point Riveting

Keep your throughput up with multi-point riveting. With the ability to form multiple rivets at the same time at a fixed distance, parts can be formed much faster. All fixturing and machining is custom designed to fit your specific impact riveting needs.

Safety Options Available

With safety features and control options available, machine operators have a safer working environment. Dual palm buttons, Lexan® guarding, light curtains, and obstruction detection rings ensure safety throughout the forming cycle.

Rivet Variety Meets Versatility

Orbitform's wide range of riveters can form semi-tubular, solid, and self-piercing rivets, giving you the widest range of forming capabilities possible. With machines ranging from electro-mechanical, pneumatic, and hydro-pneumatic, Orbitform riveters have the power and range to meet your needs.

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