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Conveyors Palletized

Orbitform's Palletized conveyor use pallets to carry individual parts between assembly stations, machining centers, part washers, etc. Pallets move on the conveyor asynchronously, and can buffer prior to entering and after exiting a work station. Traffic controls release pallets as the work station or operator is ready to receive them.

Orbitform engineers understand the demands of the factory floor and developed a robust design for 24/7 uptime and years of trouble free operation. Orbitform’s palletized conveyors are a cost effect solution to automate production, increasing up-time, quality, and throughput to improve your bottom line.

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Palletized Video

Key Features

Part Buffering

Keep expensive machining centers running with a steady flow of parts always available in queue.

Part Orientation

Pallets keep the parts oriented correctly for part washers and automated robotic transfers.

Part Isolation

Pallets keep delicate parts from touching and safely queue for further processing.

Part Tracking

Pallets can be configured with RFID tracking for real-time work in progress data capture, increases supply-chain visibility, and improved multi-process management.

Work On the Conveyor

With Orbitform’s Accu-stop station it is possible to perform some assembly operations on the conveyor saving transfer time.


Orbitform engineers and technicians are experts in factory floor automation, including lights-out operation. If you have high volume production, see what Orbitform can do for you.

Robust Design

Orbitform’s proprietary channel extrusion delivers greater strength and stability over competing offerings, supporting up to two hundred fifty pounds per foot, and our innovative quick-access covers provide easy maintenance to keep your production line running smoothly.

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