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Orbitform’s Assembly Products & Services

Orbitform designs and builds assembly equipment for manufacturing. Since 1984, Orbitform has delivered over 7,000 assembly machines and custom assembly systems to a wide range of customers and industries around the world.

We Build Machines For:

  • Orbital Riveting & Fastening
  • Impact Riveting
  • Roller Forming
  • Hot Upset Forming & Riveting
  • Projection & Resistance Welding
  • Assembly Automation
  • Conveying Systems
  • NEW Flush Self-Piercing Riveting

We Provide Services For:

  • Assembly Analysis
  • Tooling Development
  • Batch Production Runs

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Processes & Services
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Orbital Riveting / Forming

A smooth, non-impact cold forming process used to create permanent joints with a high aesthetic appeal and a range of articulation potential.

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Radial Riveting / Forming

Radial Riveting Head

A process similar to Orbital, using a peen to form from the center outward. Best used with delicate or unsupported rivet applications.

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Impact Riveting

An assembly process using force to fasten two things together permanently using a wide variety of rivet and material options.

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Roller Forming

A non-impact process using spinning rollers to symmetrically form a cylindrical part. Used for flaring, forming a lip, crimping, or forming a groove.

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Hot Upset Forming

A forming process using heat and pressure to form a fastener to produce heavy duty joints able to withstand high forces.

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Process Monitoring

Touch Screen monitor on Orbitform Equipment

We offer optional process monitoring and process control solutions on all of our systems.

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Conveyors Palletized

Use pallets to carry individual parts between forming stations, even allowing assembly operation to be performed directly on the line.

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Conveyors Part on Chain

Parts ride directly on roller or flat-top chain with minimum contact force. Used for high volume production and part buffering.

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Tooling Development

Orbitform Assemble Solutions Lab

All Orbitform tooling is developed in-house. Our engineers can make special recommendations based on your application to deliver ideal tooling for your machines.

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Turnkey Solutions

Multiple Orbitform Systems

We utilize every single one of our areas of expertise to bring our customers the answers to their assembly equipment needs.

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Batch Production Runs

Batch Production Crates

Orbitform has you covered for your small production run needs. Whether you need 5, 50, 500, or 5000 parts, Orbitform can help

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Welding Systems

We offer welding systems in either Projection or Resistance configurations. Each system is designed to suit each application.

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Mar 28
Society of Manufacturing Engineers Visits Orbitform
If you ever want to give a factory tour to a group of smart, inquisitive, and fun people, then invite the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) to visit your manufacturing business. Orbitform recently had the pleasure of hosting several members of the Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Toledo chapters of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. The [click here for more]

Mar 21
Roller forming by Orbitform
Product manufacturers, metal fabricators, contract assemblers, and other manufacturing operations benefit from utilizing metal forming equipment of high quality, durability and flexibility. All things being equal, when a single machine can perform multiple metal forming operations, then the owner of the equipment is able to be more flexible and meet the needs of its customer [click here for more]

Feb 28
Rollerforming at Orbitform
What is happening in the Orbitform lab today? I’m glad you asked! An automotive supplier that specializes in manufacturing and assembling transmission clutches was facing some challenges with securing the oil dam to the clutch housing. They had heard that Orbitform had helped other clutch assembly customers attach oil dams to clutch housings before so [click here for more]


Roller Forming
Feb 23
Orbitform Rollerforming Machine
An industrial company needed a better solution for a ball and socket joint, used in a hydrostatic pump piston, for assembly with a specified end-play range. The company’s previous process spun the part and was limited to forming the material in a horizontal direction. The material would flex back and allow too great an end-play [click here for more]


Roller Forming
Feb 22
Girl Scouts #1
Orbitform had the pleasure of hosting 50 local area Girl Scouts to help them earn their Inventor and Product Design badges as part of the STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) program. They took a tour of the facilities, which included demonstrations in our assembly solutions lab. The demonstrations explained the different forming processes and [click here for more]

Feb 09
Orbitform is excited to announce the purchase of all assets of Aaron’s machinery Corporation, of Chicago, Illinois. Aaron’s Machinery was in the riveting machine rebuild business for 36 years, starting in 1980. [click here for more]

Jan 01
Orbitform is machine design / machine build company in Jackson, Michigan. We manufacture several assembly equipment related product lines including; orbital riveting machines, impact riveting machines, roller-forming machines, other product assembly machines, and metal forming machines. We also manufacture the tooling, replacement parts, and automation that interfaces with these machines along with incorporating process controls / [click here for more]

Nov 08
Servo Riveting Machine with Torque Check for Quality Control
An automotive Tier 1 supplier learned of Orbitform’s new Servo-Driven orbital riveter, and contacted Orbitform to engage in process testing. [click here for more]


Orbital Forming
Nov 01
Medical Device Riveted by Orbitform
Orbitform has extensive experience with the permanent assembly of medical devices, from delicate laparoscopic instruments, to adjustable hospital beds and tables, to durable gurney wheels. Whether you need a clean room compliant work cell or a fully automated assembly system, Orbitform is your one-stop shop. Orbitform, Assembly Equipment Solutions for Manufacturing since 1984. [click here for more]


Orbital Forming
Oct 25
Articulating Rollerforming Machine by Orbitform
Orbitform’s Articulating Rollerhead with Process Intelligence offers force and distance monitoring during each Rollerform cycle. This new product is mounted to a draw bar spindle removing the rotary air coupler, creating a more compact and rigid design. This new product feature can be retrofitted to an existing articulating Rollerhead package. Learn More! [click here for more]


Roller Forming
Oct 18
An Automotive Tier 1 supplier needed a solution for a hinge assembly that was causing challenges on the factory floor. The company originally chose a low cost solution from an Orbitform competitor. This decision resulted in not being able to achieve a consistent joint assembly to product specification. The product specifications included a minimum shear [click here for more]


Orbital Forming
May 13
Orbitform's customer solutions lab received several sample parts from a specialty food and drink distributor in order to determine the best assembly process to permanently secure a hopper lid and a crank handle to the final coffee mill product assembly. [click here for more]

Mar 30
Permanently assembling parts using an orbital process offers many advantages including: 80% less force required than a conventional press, a low profile aesthetically appealing head-form, low cost fasteners, a high strength joint, and the option to allow a joint to rotate. [click here for more]

Feb 19
David Shirkey, Orbitform's CFO, was recently featured as part of Oakland University's 2016 edition of the Oakland Engineer Magazine. [click here for more]

Feb 17
The word “best” can be a tricky word sometimes. In order to answer the question of which riveting machine type is best for your fastening process it is important to start by defining your objectives. Some helpful tips include creating a list of the assembly factors important to the components you are assembling and developing [click here for more]

Jan 27
A bee keeping supplies manufacturer and retailer from eastern Illinois was having difficulty assembling their bee hive smokers.  Orbitform helped by designing and building two (2) Milford impact riveting machines.  Each riveter was tooled to automatically feed and insert a specific stainless steel rivet prior to the machine forming the rivet to attach different parts [click here for more]

Jan 22
Pat Beach – In Memoriam 10-23-1947 – 01-15-2016 Can you remember the first time you met Pat Beach? I sure can. It was in 1993. I met Pat at a Trade Show in Chicago. She was working in the VSI booth. At that time, VSI was the dominant player in the niche industry of orbital [click here for more]

May 09
Impact Riveting Quad Hit
Four Ways We Hold Things Together We live in a world where things are put together. The computer you’re using, the desk it’s on, and the chair you are sitting in have all been assembled. At Orbitform, we specialize in permanent part assembly, processes like orbital forming, impact riveting, roller forming, and hot upset riveting [click here for more]

Dec 17
Articulating vs. Static
Orbitform has been designing and building assembly equipment since 1984. One of the areas we have specialized in is Roller Forming. We have two different types, articulating and static. Both of these serve their own purposes, and can offer you an assembly advantage. Roller Forming is a non-impact process using a spinning Roller Head with [click here for more]


Roller Forming
Dec 16
production batch run
When you need a small batch of parts assembled, Orbitform’s Assembly Solutions Lab can be a cost effective option. We have both the assembly equipment and the knowhow. The Assembly Solutions Lab offers a wide range of Orbital, Radial, and Impact Riveters, as well as Roller Forming and Hot Upset systems. With 30 years of [click here for more]


Assembly Analysis
Nov 27
At Orbitform, we are dedicated to helping our customers increase throughput and reduce costs. One of the ways which we do this is through multi-form heads. These options operate similar to Orbital, but make it possible to form multiple rivets on the same part or rivets across multiple parts at the same time. [click here for more]


Orbital Forming
Nov 27
Orbitform designs and builds assembly equipment solutions for manufacturing. Among this equipment is our Palletized Conveyor line, helping parts get from each stage of the assembly process both quickly and smoothly. [click here for more]


Conveyors Processes
Nov 27
If you need to install multiple rivets, you could benefit from our multi-head and multi-point Impact riveters. Multi-head riveters consist of two or more riveting heads, designed to work on the same part simultaneously. [click here for more]


Impact Riveting
Nov 27
When customers approach us with rivets that are delicate, long, or unsupported, we often turn to radial forming as a solution. Radial riveting and forming, also known as Radial, is similar to the Orbital process, but the material is displaced from the center outward in a rosette or rose curve pattern. [click here for more]

Nov 27
This peen is crucial to the forming process, making contact with the part being forming and doing the actual forming work. [click here for more]


Orbital Forming
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